Why you should pack safety pins

Safety pins are a great little item that weighs next to nothing and can be used for a variety of things.  It’s hard to predict what sorts of things lie ahead of you on your next trip. I’m a firm believer in packing light and not bringing unnecessary things.  However, if its small and can be used for multiple things, then I think it’s worth it to pack.  You can also pick up a pack of these anywhere, which makes it an added bonus to know how many ways you can use them.

Make an infinity scarf with a regular scarf. If you’re traveling in Europe, you’ll probably see lots of little stands selling beautiful scarves for dirt cheap.  If you buy one, you can easily turn that one into an infinity scarf by simply safety pinning the ends together and then wrapped it around your neck twice.  Bam.  You’re a seamstress.

  1. Secure a loose blouse on a hanger. I don’t always hang up my clothes in a hotel room, but if you have a flowy blouse that that keeps falling down, clip the tag to the hanger to keep it secure.
  2. Fix a broken zipper. I should have said “fix.”  Although it won’t fix it, if you accidentally break your zipper, you have a way to keep your bag together at least until you get home.  If your zipper just pops off, you can use the safety pin as the zipper piece, too.
  3. Hanging up wet clothes.  If you need to wash something and want to hang dry it, you can hang dry a punch of small items by safety pinning them to a hanger.  Socks, tights, underwear, instead of trying to find a flat surface for all of them, just clip and hang.
  4. Secure a poncho or wrap-style sweater. I have a lot of flowy sweaters and a wool poncho that I travel with on occasion.  Sometimes, it’s very windy, which isn’t so great for those clothing items.  I keep a safety pin with me so I can secure it to my front, which keeps me nice and warm and also keeps my flowy clothing from trying to fly off my body.  You can also secure any button downs that may have had a button pop off.
  5. Fix jewelry.  Sometimes a bracelet or necklace might break, but you still want to wear it.  (Especially if it matches your outfit.)  Depending on where it broke, a safety pin might be able to keep it together.

Can you think of any other ways you can use a safety pin?

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