When in doubt, go with black

Black is a traveler’s dream color. Not only does it hide stains well, but it can also be mixed and matched with pretty much any other color. It’s easy to find and you probably already own several black items, which could make it the more affordable option as your base. If you’re planning on enjoying some good food and wine, you may need something that is more forgiving and black is known to be slimming. As a bonus, when visiting European countries people tend to prefer classic, chic styling so all black outfits help build a stress-free travel wardrobe.

While you can choose to pack more than one base color, picking just one makes things simpler especially for those who may be having trouble deciding what to bring and what to leave home.
Capsule wardrobes are a key component for anyone who wants to pack light. Part of any capsule wardrobe is picking a base color, usually a neutral such as black, brown, tan, or navy blue. Black is my go-to base color because it’s safe and simple. This is my easy step-by-step process to use it as a base without wearing the same all black outfits repeatedly.

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