What to pack for a long fall weekend

I tend to over pack when I go on shorter trips because I feel like I have a ton of free space.  After all, I don’t need all the things I typically do for a two-week trip.  So I tend to toss a bunch of things in a bag and I’m on my way.  However, there are many ways to wear the same few items, that it makes little sense to bring more than six clothing items for a 3-day trip (doesn’t mean I always do this… but it doesn’t make sense to bring more than this.)

For a long fall weekend trip, you may have some warm days or cool days, so items that layer well will be key.  Here is a small number of items here that can be worn in any temperature, dressed up/dressed down, and you really don’t need any more than this!


Sticking with neutral colors, you can mix and match all of these as well as layer them.  One pair of pants, one dress, two shirts, one outerwear item, a bag and a scarf and you’re all set for a long weekend.  The best part about these items is you don’t need to buy anything special or travel-related.  Just go through your wardrobe and find some neutral pieces that can be mixed and matched.  You don’t have to have these exact items.  Just whatever you already have will work fine.  You just have to be a little more creative with them.  I recommend getting some pieces out you think will work, and put them together.  Try on different outfits and see what works.  I’ve been surprised how many ways I can wear one shirt just by playing dress-up!


If you have some warm days ahead of you, wearing a pair of flats with the short sleeve tops, and long pants will do well.  Of course, just bring your long-sleeve shirt or cardigan along for cooler mornings or cooler evenings.  I’m a huge believer in layering.  Even when I’m home, you won’t find me without some scarf or cardigan in my bag.  I like to be prepared for all types of weather, and not find myself freezing or burning up.


Speaking of layering, that’s all you’ll need to do for colder days.  Instead of bringing lots of items, just mix and match the ones you brought.  If you find yourself really cold, you can wear a t-shirt, cardigan, scarf and jacket.  Bring some merino wool socks to wear when your boots.  A nice trick of the trade also is to bring a pair of thick tights.  Tights take up barely any space, and if you find you you’re going to freeze in one pair of jeans, wear the tights underneath your jeans.


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