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Zoar Village

They were part of one of the most successful communal settlements in American history.  They were the Society of the Separatists of Zoar, aka “Zoarites”.

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Germany founded the town of Zoar in an effort to escape religious persecution in their homeland.

Founding and History of Zoar Village

The village had the following buildings: a church, a bakery, a tin shop, a blacksmith shop, a store furniture shop, weaving houses, sewing houses, a pottery, multiple mills, a brewery, a large garden, a green house and residences.

The community prospered for many years in agricultural and industry.

Zoar Hotel

Example of a home in Zoar

The Village Today

The village of Zoar has retained much of its original historic structures and buildings, as well as the famous Zoar Garden.

Zoar Village has four Ohio Historic Markers outside the a few buildings and areas.