Wineries to Add to Your Wine Tasting Trip

The unique climate provided by the lake creates the perfect place to grow one-of-a-kind grapes. We’re recommending the top Canton Ohio wineries that every oenophile should visit.

Gervasi Vineyard

Gervasi Vineyard is one of the largest and most famous Canton Ohio wineries — so large, in fact, that it’s technically not just a winery but a winery resort.

Grapes in a Glass

Grapes in a Glass is a trendy, upscale winery located on the edge of the historic district in Canton. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine on the patio  or go into the tasting room.

Heading Here

Dragonfly Winery is located in Canal Fulton, a short drive from Canton. This trendy winery is just one part of a venue that includes a tea room and a bed and breakfast.

Nauti Vine Winery

Nauti Vine Winery is a gorgeous winery in nearby Akron, a short drive from Canton. The winery stands on the shores of the Portage Lakes, offering an unparalleled view of the surrounding waterways.

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