Travel Guide for Springfield

An hour-long drive from Columbus takes you to a place called Springfield.  It’s close to Yellow Springs and makes a good home base for a fun, quirky Ohio weekend.

The architecture in Springfield is worth exploring.  The buildings are HUGE and it was fun to grab a coffee and walk around.  We had a great morning just walking around.


Hartman Rock Garden

This quirky site is listed on Atlas Obscura (among other places). It’s basically a rock garden in the back of someone’s home.

Mad River Adventures

Take a Kayak trip with Mad River Adventures but be prepared to be spun around and give your arms a workout.

There’s a ton of wildlife at this park enjoy iced tea on the bridge. It is sort of like a step back in time, being on an old stone bridge.

Snyder Park

Winans has very friendly staff and delicious espresso beverages. Also try some of their treats.

Winans Chocolates + Coffees

Their patio was sandwiched between two huge brick buildings. You feel like you’re eating in some giant city on the roof.

Stella Bleu Bistro

The cream square was so good! Filled with blueberries and cream and my mouth is watering looking at this.

Le Torte Dolci

The market is small, but everyone is so friendly.  Speak to a few of the farmers and learn things you didn’t know before.

Springfield Farmer’s Market

In Springfield, they have a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area. This means you can grab a beer from here and walk around with it outside the building perimeters

Mother Stewart’s Brewing

This hotel was right in the center of the main area. We loved the view of the buildings below.  It was a very room, comfortable room.

Courtyard by Marriott