Things to Do in Dublin Ohio

The City of Dublin Ohio is a burgeoning community just outside of Columbus, and it perfectly blends its Irish-rooted history with its modern-day amenities.

The Sights & Sounds of Downtown Dublin

the planners in Dublin opted to blend the distinct appeal of the past with the sleek style of the future.

Historic Dublin

If you are looking for ice cream, then Historic Dublin is the place to be.

Bridge Park

This is the newest downtown development, and it showcases a blend of luxury living, sophisticated dining and shopping, and heart-pumping events.

The Dublin Link

This pedestrian bridge links Historic Dublin with Bridge Park, physically bringing together the two time periods.

Riverside Crossing Park

The park has have valuable green space, hiking trails, and more.

Visiting Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Glacier Ridge Metro Park is a year-round attraction, but its hours increase during the springtime when the weather begins to warm up.

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