The History of Marietta Ohio

Marietta is a small city in Southeastern Ohio, it has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike.  It’s full of rich history and the kind of small-town charm.

The History of Marietta Ohio

The earliest inhabitants of what are now Marietta Ohio and Washington County were the Adena and Hopewell Indian cultures over 2,000 years ago.

A Riverboat Town

Since Marietta rests on the banks of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers, it quickly grew and became a trading center for the Northwest Territory and the rest of Ohio.

Peoples Bank Theatre

Opened in 1919, it celebrates creative expression, entertainment, and history near the center of walkable downtown.

The Castle

One of the best examples of Gothic Revival architecture, The Castle is an 1855 house museum that provides a range of community-oriented and educational opportunities for everyone.

Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area

The natural habitats include three ponds, a natural stream with a waterfall, and a large meadow. It has many recreational activities — such as disc golf on two courses, mountain biking, and hiking.

Mound Cemetery

When the ancient Adena and Hopewell Indian cultures disappeared, they left 95 acres of ceremonial burial mounds, passageways, and embankments.

Some of the ancient ceremonial structures still stand, including the 30-foot Conus Mound in the Mound Cemetery.

Pioneer Golf Course

After the cold of winter, you might be anticipating some spring golf weather. Fortunately, the Pioneer Golf Course has been serving Marietta since 1997.

Starting in May, Trolley Tours of historic Marietta are available. The tours start and end at the Armory on Front St. where parking is free.

Trolley Tours

Where is Marietta, Ohio? Marietta is situated in Southeastern Ohio. What is Marietta Ohio known for? Marietta is known for being the oldest city in Ohio, established in 1788. How far is Marietta Ohio from me? If you’re visiting Marietta from Columbus, the drive will take about 2 hours. The trip takes about 2 hours, 40 minutes from Cleveland, just over 3 hours from Dayton, and about 3.5 hours from Cincinnati.


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