Ohio Vineyards & Wineries You Must Visit This Year

From vineyards on the Lake Erie shore to wineries nestled in Amish Country, Ohio offers a unique experience that oenophiles won’t want to miss.

Firelands Winery

The quality wine at Firelands is produced in small batches with estate-grown grapes.

Silver Moon Winery

Located in the heart of Amish Country, this unique winery features regular tastings to showcase its more than 40 wines.

Stoney Ridge Winery

Stoney Ridge Winery is an eventful place where visitors can enjoy local wines and live music throughout the year.

Gideon Owen Wine Company

Gideon Owen Wine Company is a reinvention of several much older brands that have been established in Ohio for decades or even centuries.

Debonne Vineyards

The winery offers group tastings and tours of the vineyard and winery.

Goddess Wine House

Goddess Wine House makes it easy to taste a variety of foods and wines to make your visit fun and satisfying.

Wyandotte Winery

Tastings are guided by wine and food experts who help you find new wines that you love and learn how to pair them with delicious food.

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