Ohio County Fairs You Don't Want to Miss

When the days begin to lengthen and the temperature rises, it’s county fair season! There are a grand total of 94 county fairs in Ohio.

Ohio County Fairs in June 

The Harrison County Fair in Cadiz takes place in late June every year and features special activities for every age group, from kids to seniors.

July County Fairs in Ohio

The Carroll County Fair has been taking place since 1850! Every year in late July, people from all over the Buckey State enjoy fair activities, both new and old — animal shows, auctions, carnival food and rides, music, and more.

Ohio County Fairs in August

The Medina County Fair features more than 800 exhibits. Attendees get the chance to see live animal shows of horses, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, rabbits, poultry, and much more.

September County Fairs in Ohio

The Belmont County Fair in St. Clairsville has been hosted since 1849. This event, which takes place the second week of September, is heavily focused on competitions of all kinds!

Ohio Fairs in October

As the summer wanes and the leaves start to change, most county fairs in Ohio are events of the past. Not so in Coshocton! Its county fair kicks off in the first week of October and proudly claims to be one of the latest county fairs in the state.

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