Morel Mushrooms Hunting in Ohio

When springtime comes around, there are many things people look forward to. For outdoor enthusiasts, it also means it’s time to hunt for morel mushrooms Ohio has.

Why Do People Love Morels?

They can’t get enough of the deep, earthy flavor, which has been compared to ramen and even roasted nuts.

How to Find Morel Mushrooms Ohio

Morel mushroom season begins in earnest in Southern Ohio, where the soil warms first. No matter where you go, don’t pick every morel that you see. You need to leave a few behind so that the mushrooms can spread for future years of hunting.

Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips

One important thing to remember is that a very small percentage of Ohio land is public. So before you go hunting, make sure you’re not on private land.

False Morels in Ohio

One of the easiest tells is that true morels are hollow. False morels are filled with a cotton-like substance. Real morel stems are also attached to the bottom of the cap.

What Do I Do With Morels?

Once you’ve rinsed and dried them, they’ll last for months dehydrated. Or, you can cook them right away! If you plan to eat them right away, they make a tasty topper on a bed of fresh pasta.

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