5 Things to Know About the Medina Ice Festival in Ohio

Clothing Tips

If you plan on going, remember that the event usually happens in February. The average high temperature during this time of year is approximately 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, heavy coats and jackets should be a part of every visitor’s wardrobe.

Ice Sculptures Galore

In some ways, the event could be nicknamed the Medina ice sculpture festival because one of the highlights is the numerous ice sculptures found throughout the grounds. Festival organizers estimate that up to 40,000 people will show up to check out and participate in the event.

Contests & Sculpture Lightings

Besides taking in the awesome sights of ice sculptures, there are other activities to enjoy at the ice festival in Medina. One of the most popular is the speed carving contest. Competitors line up and carve out their best ice sculptures in record time.

OBM Arena

In nearby Strongsville about 15 miles north of Medina, travelers can visit the OBM Arena. You are free to bring your own skates or rent a pair for a nominal fee. Designated public skate events are held throughout the cold season, featuring a DJ to keep things lively.

The Farmer’s Table

Bite into a warm slice of zucchini pumpkin bread or pierogies, one of Northeast Ohio’s most iconic meals. Barbecued pulled pork and buttermilk chicken sandwiches are other popular menu options.

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