Maple Syrup Season  in Ohio  2022

The state is not only a major maple sugar producer but also home to many places that offer maple sugar tours, opportunities for tapping maple sap, and festivals dedicated to maple syrup.

The Ohio Maple Syrup Season

The warm sunny days and cold freezing nights make the perfect tapping conditions. These temps allow the sap to thaw in the trees, and as pressure builds, it’s ready to be tapped.

Maple Madness Driving Tour

Takes place on the first two weekends in March, will take you around Northwest, Northeast, and Central Ohio.

Maple Sweet Stops in Ohio

No tour of a maple syrup farm or a visit to an Ohio maple syrup festival is complete without picking up some sweet treats. 

Maple Syrup Festivals

You can not only sample some decadent goodies but can also learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about maple syrup. If you go, dress warmly because some festival activities will be outside.

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