List of Greater Cincinnati Breweries

We’ve selected 6 Cincinnati breweries that we think are the best breweries in Cincinnati that locals and visitors should frequent this year.

Rebel Mettle Brewery

The crew does a good job at keeping a well-rounded lineup on tap so that anyone who enters will find something to enjoy.

Esoteric Brewing Co.

The crew believes that craft beer should be elegant like fine wine, and the master brewer has spent many years honing his skills.

Bircus Brewing Company

Located in Ludlow, Kentucky, it is genuinely unique. It’s already in the name, which is a combination of beer and circus, and you can see why as soon as you walk in.

Humble Monk Brewing Co.

With Belgian influence, Humble Monk makes a decent variety of delicious beer. It has eight or so taps in the taproom, which has an inviting and warm environment.

Alexandria Brewing Company

The taproom is divided into three distinct sections. The front is more like a restaurant, the middle has a barn bar atmosphere, and the back is a traditional brewery space that overlooks the brewhouse.

MPH Brewing

The company began to form in 2018 after partner Bill Bolger developed a passion for Belgian wit, English, German, Irish, Scottish, and other beers while traveling Europe.

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