What Food is Ohio Known For?


Buckeyes are the quintessential Ohio candy, and you can find them throughout the state at restaurants, gas stations, cafes, and potlucks.

The Thurmanator

The Thurmanator is an iconic burger served at The Thurman Cafe in Columbus. The cafe has been a part of the Columbus restaurant scene since 1942.

Polish Boy

The Polish Boy is an aptly-named sausage sandwich that originates from the Polish immigrant community in Cleveland Ohio.

Sauerkraut Balls

These delicious fried appetizers originated in Akron Ohio and are popular throughout Northeast Ohio. They include sauerkraut and cream cheese — and ham, in some versions — rolled into balls and deep-fried.

Klondike Ice Cream Bars

We’ve all heard of Klondike ice cream, but you might not know that this iconic ice cream got its start in Mansfield Ohio in 1922!

Cincinnati Chili

The manner of serving it is so iconic that it has become known far and wide as Cincinnati chili. 


Pierogies were brought over by the Polish immigrants who settled throughout the state, especially in the Cleveland area. Today, you’ll find them served and eaten throughout the state in many variations.

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