Try One of These “Best Toledo Restaurants Near Me”

If you’re looking for the “best Toledo restaurants near me”, chances are you’re hungry for great food and amazing ambiance. Our list of the best restaurants in Toledo Ohio is sure to have just the place you’re looking for – with amazing service and delicious dishes!

Georgio’s Cafe International

From its whimsical fairy lights to its sleek interior, you know that you are going to enjoy a fine dining experience unlike anything else in Toledo.

Breakfast may be a necessary meal, but brunch transforms that chore-like dining experience into something that is special and exciting.

Fowl and Fodder Restaurant

Situated inside the Renaissance Hotel, this local restaurant is a favorite among guests who are traveling to the city as well as nearby residents who know where to find good flavor.

Brim House Toledo Restaurant

Kengo Sushi & Yakitori

With just more than 20 seats in the restaurant, this is a quiet respite where you can go to clear your mind as you fill your belly — and your soul — with delicious food.

After a day of exploring Toledo, there’s no better place to go for a casual meal and a lively atmosphere than Ye Old Durty Bird. 

Ye Old Durty Bird

Toledo is the kind of rough-and-tumble Midwestern city that had to come into its own, struggle to survive at times, and stay innovative in order to thrive in the harshest of conditions. And Tony Packo’s Cafe was always along for the ride

Tony Packo’s Cafe

Byblos Fine Dining

Byblos is a fine dining restaurant that boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its menu consists of Lebanese and Italian dishes, allowing diners to blend two cultures together as they experience the flavors and textures of their meals.

You don’t have to travel far from home in order to enjoy a fresh meal in a welcoming, down-to-earth setting in Toledo.

The Adams Street Cafe

This modern restaurant with an industrial vibe embodies all that the city has to offer, and its convenient location on Superior Street makes it one of the most desirable places to eat in the city.

Registry Bistro

Bluewater Grille Restaurant Near Toledo

A real seafood restaurant, they offer a contemporary, upscale dining experience, serving seafood & aged steaks plus wine & specialty cocktails.