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Hocking Hills Getaway: Cherry Ridge Retreat

Have a great time exploring Hocking Hills and making Cherry Ridge Retreat our jumping off point to explore the region.

Hocking Hills is a beautiful area of southern Ohio with lots to explore.

It feels special, and the attention to detail was what made it stand out.

The hot tub in the woods was perfect.  It was accessible from the bedroom.  You simply put your swimsuit on, walk out and you’re right there.

The fireplace not only heated our room (which was perfect after walking in from the hot tub and feeling wet and chilly), but it also added to the ambiance.

The grounds of the property are wonderful.  There are little footpaths into the woods for a little short hike.


This retreat is a great jumping off point to explore Hocking Hills.

Then you can visit Ash Cave, which is another one favorite place to explore.