Where to Find the Best Ohio Sunflowers in 2022

Sunflower Fields in Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio is home to several flower farms that allow visitors to come, experience their flowers and even pick a few blooms to take home for themselves.

Ohio Sunflowers in the Northeast Region

The Northeast Region of Ohio is a treasure trove when it comes to sunflower fields. It seems that these fields pop up around every winding turn along a country road.

Western Ohio Sunflower Fields to Enjoy

In western Ohio, the best place to see sunflowers in all of their natural glory is in Yellow Springs.

The Best Sunflower Fields in the Greater Columbus Area

Some of the largest sunflower fields in Ohio are located in the heart of the state, outside of Columbus.

Southwest Ohio Fields with Sunflowers

In Southwest Ohio, many people flock to Cincinnati in late September or early October in order to see the sunflower fields in bloom.

Where to Find Sunflowers in Southeast Ohio

Further toward the Appalachian region, it can be more difficult to find sunflower fields, but Fuhrmann Orchards is one place where local residents and visitors can find fresh-cut sunflowers in the late summer and early fall months.

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