5 Weird Laws in Ohio

Columbus Cannot Legally Sell Cornflakes on Sunday

As delicious as they may be, residents of Columbus Ohio can’t get them on Sundays. No word, however, on whether Frosted Flakes or Grape Nuts are ok to buy for your Sunday breakfast.

You Can’t Get a Fish Drunk

Fishing is all about having a good time, but it’s unknown if getting a fish drunk will improve your chances of landing a big one.

It’s Illegal to Display Colored Chickens or Rabbits for Sale

Section 925.62 of the Ohio Revised Code prohibits the sale or giving away of any rabbit or baby poultry that has been dyed or colored in some other way. 

Women Must Choose Their Footwear Carefully in Cleveland

Speaking of Cleveland, there’s another weird law on the books that prevents women from wearing patent leather shoes in public.

Make Sure You Have Gas in Youngstown

This statute is likely in place because running out of fuel can be a safety hazard on busy city streets. So if you’re traveling through Youngstown, make sure that you have enough fuel. Otherwise, you may end up with a pricey ticket.

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