What Food is Ohio Known For?  Don’t Miss These 5 Iconic Ohio Foods

Goetta Sausage

Goetta is a type of sausage that rose to popularity in the Cincinnati region because of the large number of German immigrants living there. In an effort to make meat last longer, people in the community mixed oats with ground sausage and flavored it with herbs and spices.

The Thurmanator

The Thurmanator was featured on the television show “Man v. Food.” But, it’s not just the size of the burger that keeps it so popular. It’s also widely praised as one of the most delicious burgers in the country!

Polish Boy

The Polish Boy is an aptly-named sausage sandwich that originates from the Polish immigrant community in Cleveland Ohio. It has become famous all over the country for its delicious taste and high sauce level.


Pierogies aren’t native to Ohio but were brought over by the Polish immigrants who settled throughout the state, especially in the Cleveland area. Today, you’ll find them served and eaten throughout the state in many variations.

Cheese Coneys

If there’s one thing that Cincinnati loves, it’s chili. Another of its most famous dishes includes the meaty sauce and has become known far and wide as a Cincinnati specialty — cheese coneys, or chili cheese dogs.

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