5 Don't-Miss Hocking Hills Waterfalls

Broken Rock Falls

This is a lesser-known gem of the Hocking Hills waterfalls. Many don’t know about it and turn around after passing the Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave.

Old Man’s Cave Falls

The path to Old Man’s Cave is one of the main trails in Hocking Hills State Park. The stunning, about half-mile gorge near the cave cuts completely through 150 feet of Blackhand sandstone, cascading into beautiful falls and pooling in the Devil’s Bathtub.

Big Spring Hollow Falls

The falls are fairly easy to access by hiking a beginner-friendly, out-and-back trail of just 1.2 miles. Take a seat on one of the many rocks near the bottom of the falls, and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Whispering Cave Falls

The views at Whispering Cave are impressive. Highlights include a 100-foot-tall cascading waterfall that flows over a massive, 300-foot-wide recess cave.

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls has the greatest volume of water among the many Hocking Hills waterfalls. Queer Creek flows strongly over the sandstone cliffs. A grist mill was even built there in the mid-1800s to utilize the power of the falls.

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