5 BEST Small Towns in Ohio to Visit


It's unique history and architecture were influenced by Swiss immigrants and Amish farmers whose descendants still make up the majority of the residents today.


Bedford is home to many parks and green spaces and is famous for Tinker’s Creek where the small falls draw plenty of visitors year-round. While the nearby Bedford Reservation attracts hiking enthusiasts, the city itself is worth a stroll to admire the charming shops, restaurants, and historical buildings.


Millersburg is synonymous with Amish Country. This quaint village has a population of just over 3,000 but is known as an unmissable destination if you are exploring Ohio’s rural farmland.


Loveland Ohio is located within the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area. Standing on the edge of the Little Miami River, this city of roughly 13,000 has become known for being part of the Little Miami Scenic Trail.


Waynesville is located in Southwest Ohio and has a unique reason for attracting countless visitors every year. The tiny village, which has a population of less than 3,000, is called the Antique Capital of the Midwest thanks to its abundance of antique stores and fairs.

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