11 Best Ice Cream Shops in Ohio

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With its sprawling farmland and knack for industry, it comes as no surprise that Ohioans can combine the best of both worlds by creating some of the most delicious ice cream in the country.

Dashed Trail

We’ve compiled a list of the best ice cream shops in Ohio that you simply can’t ignore.

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Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

Toft Dairy – Sandusky

While this iconic attraction may be the reason for coming to Sandusky, no visit is complete without a stop at Toft Dairy.

Another Northeast Ohio favorite is Sweet Moses, a soda fountain and treat shop located in Cleveland. This old-fashioned ice cream shop allows visitors to step back in time and enjoy a quintessential American experience

Southeast Ohio is full of charming towns and picturesque rural views, making it the ideal place for local ice cream shops to pop up on the roadside.

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In Utica, locals and visitors alike know that the best place to get ice cream is at Velvet Ice Cream.

This family-owned ice cream shop has been part of the community since 1914.

Michael’s – Jackson

Michael’s, which is a family restaurant and ice cream parlor located in downtown Jackson, Ohio.

Graeter’s – Cincinnati

Graeter’s has neighborhood scoop shop locations in five different communities in Ohio, as well as in Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

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While every flavor of ice cream is delicious at Graeter’s, some of its most famous flavors include Banana Chocolate Chip and Peach.

Aglamesis Brothers – Cincinnati

Aglamesis Brothers in Cincinnati is another prominent ice cream shop in the community and has been serving up its scoops since 1908.

Young’s Jersey Dairy – Yellow Springs

Young’s Jersey Dairy is a dairy farm in Yellow Springs that has been serving up fresh dairy products from its Jersey cow milk for more than half a century.

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Jubie’s Creamery – Fairborn

One of the most recent additions to the ice cream trail, and it’s worth the stop