Walkli: enjoy cities on foot with new website

If you’re looking for a new way to explore major (and minor) cities on foot, Walkli is a great new website just for this.  I was approached by the founder of Walkli to work on creating some downloadable paths that are good for travelers who want to walk through cities and explore.  I was so glad I was asked to be part of this start-up website, because this is just the type of thing I want available to me as a traveler.

Before I explain more about how to use it, this is what it actually is:

“See the City between the Sights.  Walkli is a web and mobile app technology company that crowd sources walking routes of neighborhoods and cities around the world.  We let the experts (you!) create and share the content. Have a city that you’re familiar with? What would you do if your family was visiting for half a day and wanted to see your favorite neighborhood? What would you show them? Walkli let’s you quickly map it out, add your favorite sights along the way, and share it with the world.  When you’re ready to plan a trip or to explore a city you’re already visiting, you can search on our website or app for routes nearby that match your interests.”

I’m always looking for the behind-the-scenes, little known places that many travelers from all over the world know.  These paths are created by travelers and include not just the major sites, but hidden gems like quirky restaurants, “good selfie spots”, and special recommendations.  You have your own walking tour guide!

I’ve created three so far, check out my profile and the three tours I’ve created:

I will be working on more, too, so stay tuned!  I’ve already downloaded a few for cities I’m going to be going to.  Keep in mind that this is a start-up, so it’s still being added to daily.  This means you should check back if you don’t see something for the city you’re going to.  I hope to see this thing really catch on and see more and more tours added!

So, I’ll do an example to show you the features and how to use it.  

Start by searching the city you’re visiting.  I’ll use Savannah since I’ll be going there soon.  When I searched Savannah, I found one tour:

If you click on any of the letters like this:

Then, you can see a list of all the sights, and some even come with photographs:

Once you find a path you want,  click on “Send me this path!”

Right away, it will email you the list of the places and a map you can download (pictures are not included in the download):

The map is not hooked up to Google maps, so if you want to use Google maps, you’ll want to input the places into a Google map so you can use the app.  What you get in your email, is like a page out of a guidebook: a list of places and the route.  You’ll need to do the walking and navigation with Google maps (or if you’re really smart, the JPEG download of the map). 

There are some really unique and interesting tours available on here, with content you might be hard-pressed to find without doing a lot of digging.  A lot of insider and unique information.

Take a look at some of the ones I found:

Lisbon’s Hidden Gems…. Cupcakes, Kennedys, Cleopatra and Cooking…. Toronto Hipster Guide…. I mean, yes, please!  You have me interested.

I’ve been having fun with it, I’d be interested in hear what you think.  So, check it out and let me know what you think!  

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