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13 Fantastic VRBO Hocking Hills Vacation Rentals

When you go to Hocking Hills, you’re in for a visually stunning adventure that is unique. The lodging options that you can book are just as beautiful as the area. And, there’s a fantastic list of numerous VRBO Hocking Hills vacation rentals.

Whether you prefer something glamorous or rustic, this list features some of the most remarkable places that you can book in the Hocking Hills region. Glamp or camp, there’s a bit of something to suit everyone’s preferences.

Hocking Hills
Hocking Hills | photo via sheabramlish

La Bellota Cabin

Situated on 6 gorgeous acres of countryside, La Bellota is tucked away from plain sight. Described as a “secluded log cabin by the woods,” this is a great place to bring a big family or group because it sleeps up to seven people. If your squad includes a fur baby, it’s even better because La Bellota allows pet guests.

Two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a main room with cathedral ceilings, a game room, and a sauna create an interior paradise to match the scenic outdoors. Also, you can let your inner chef shine in a kitchen that has everything, including pizza stones and a double oven.

Outside, a propane grill, screened porch, and hammocks let you move the festivities to the great outdoors. All of these options allow you to have as relaxing of a getaway as you want.

The Homestead At Nine Pines Farm

The Homestead is a four-bedroom farmhouse that sleeps up to eight people and sits on 23 acres of farmland. Built in the 1880s, this place retains its post-Civil War appearance but has been modernized for present-day comforts.

There are trails adjacent to the property and a fishing pond for anyone who wants to cast a line. The Homestead is dog friendly (cats are not allowed), and there is a fenced-in yard to let your puppy run around.

Cantwell Cliffs - Logan, Ohio
Cantwell Cliffs | photo via @chezkatheexplorer

The Original Kick Back Cabin

This former art studio has been converted into a family-friendly respite in the woods. Kick Back Cabin is a one-bedroom place that sleeps up to four people, so it’s great for smaller groups.

A trail on the property leads to a fishing pond, so if your group has a few anglers, you can fish the whole day. Pets are allowed here (a two-dog maximum). If you enjoy a cozy space and want a place to stay in Hocking Hills, you should check this one out.

Cantwell Cliffs Cottage

If you’re looking for a three-bedroom cottage in the middle of Hocking Hills, Cantwell Cliffs Cottage could be the perfect find. It is actually the name of a very popular hiking trail in Hocking Hills, and this place is only 2 miles away from the site.

Located on a scenic hilltop in the area, the six-person cottage has a gas grill, heat, and air conditioning. If you don’t want to wash dishes, a dishwasher will cure those post-meal cleaning blues. Plus, you can bring your own propane for grilling outdoors.

Hummingbird Holler

With three bedrooms and one bathroom, Hummingbird Holler is a great place to book for groups of up to seven people. This place is very close to some of the more popular trails in Hocking Hills State Park. You can even hike a trail to the shooting range and knock off a few shots.

The interior kitchen is great, but the four-burner outside grill will tempt your inner grill master. In Hocking Hills country, Hummingbird Holler will match the outdoorsy spirit that brought visitors here in the first place. By the way, the central air conditioning is a warm-weather savior.

A-Frame #11 - VRBO Rental Hocking Hills Vacation Rental
A-Frame #11 | photo via megankapple

A-Frame #11

This place is a literal A-frame design, but it is also one of Hocking Hills’ most popular places to stay. The 1,000-square-foot building sleeps up to four people, and the two bedrooms and modernized appliances make it a very comfortable space.

Anytime you see an A-frame design, you know that a ceiling will be vaulted, and that is the case here. Open and airy, this place will let you bring two pets to enjoy your Hocking Hills visit.

Red Hickory

Looking for a getaway cabin that is perfect for couples? Red Hickory is a wonderful place to explore. With one bedroom and two bathrooms, you could book a cozy sleeping space that lets you have separate bathrooms.

Also, you could use the huge bedroom as a space to house up to six people and save some money. The cabin has an open concept, so the dining room, living room, and loft are up to visitors to define. Whether you want to cook inside or grill out, the full kitchen and outside grill let you decide.

The Hemlock Tiny House

There’s been a lot of ado about things when it comes to tiny houses and spaces in the past few years. If that spatial concept appeals to you, The Hemlock is your kind of spot to book. Yes, it is tiny (only 190 square feet), but it is also mighty.

The kitchen is fully equipped. Visitors are allowed to bring one pet (no cats). And, the Hemlock is centrally located to many of Hocking Hills’ main attractions. Super cozy, yet very comfortable, this place might be the little bit that gives a lot.

River Rock Lodge - Hocking Hills Vacation Rental
River Rock Lodge | photo via hockinghillslodges

A House In Hocking Hills

No, this isn’t a special name assigned to a vacation property. It really is just a regular house — but it is a vacation rental nestled in the middle of Hocking Hills.

This three-bedroom, two-bathroom space is great for visitors who want a home-like feel when they’re checking out the Ohio side of the Appalachian Mountains.

A fully equipped kitchen and fast Wi-Fi keep things convenient. Outside, a fire pit and gas grill make for a great space to entertain on the property’s outdoor patio.

Swedish-Inspired Suite

With large porches, a hot tub, a grill, and a fire pit, this 900-square-foot space with vaulted ceilings is a great place to crash after a busy day in Hocking Hills. It’s smaller, so it’s nice for small families, couples, or solo travelers.

Ensconced in Zaleski State Forest grounds, this woodsy place is drawn from Swedish design. This cabin is located on a hilltop that provides lodgers with amazing views of the region. It is also close to Ohio University and Hocking Hills State Park.

River Rock Lodge

Take the rustic out of your Hocking Hills stay and add in some modern amenities at River Rock Lodge. Eight bedrooms and six bathrooms are available in this lodge, which is over 4,000 square feet.

If you are visiting the region with a big group of people, then you want to look into booking this space. A stocked fishing pond will appeal to anglers, and an outside basketball court will keep athletes engaged.

Airplane Rock-Hocking Hills
Airplane Rock | photo via huthehunter

Fern Hill Cabin

Fern Hill Cabin is where to go when you want to travel with your fur friends and relax in a hot tub. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a group of three would each get some private space.

However, this cabin will sleep up to six people, so feel free to bring a larger group. Interior fireplaces and outdoor fire pits mean there’s always a heat source. If you’re visiting in the colder months, you’ll certainly be warm.


This two-bedroom cabin on private property sleeps up to four people. The seclusion and rustic setting that Laurelwood offers are extremely appealing to guests.

This chalet-style property has a full kitchen and bathroom that won’t make the isolated setting feel too far away. The host makes sure that everyday items — clean towels and soap — are always on hand. It’s very close to area attractions as well.

Hocking Hills
Hocking Hills | photo via live_now_photography

VRBO Hocking Hills Vacation Rentals

Now that you know the available VRBO Hocking Hills options, what type will you choose? Spending time in a recreational paradise is fantastic, but choosing where to lay your head is also important.

These splendid hills practically demand that you stay somewhere great and eat at delicious Hocking Hills restaurants too. So, start planning your adventure now.

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