Two of my most versatile clothing items

There are some clothing items, like dresses or bras that are made to convert in a number of different ways.  I’ve seen dresses that can be worn as halter tops, strapless and short sleeve.  I’ve even seen scarves that can be worn as shirts or sweaters.  These are neat, but I think there are so many ways to wear clothing items you already have that you may not thought about.
One of the items I think is most versatile is a little black dress (LBD.)  This item can be great for cold or warm temperatures, and can be worn in a number of different ways.

Ways to wear the LBD:
  1. By itself.  You can wear it by itself with flats or sandals.
  2. With leggings or tights.  You can use leggings or tights and add either flats or boots.
  3. As a skirt.  If you don’t want to pack an extra skirt, you can bring a small belt, and use the belt to tighten the bottom of a shirt to wear on top.  You can also use this method with a sweater.
  4. With a button down.  Since button downs already are usually baggy at the bottoms and not so tight fitting, t wouldn’t look awkward to simply add a button up over top and wear it like a skirt
  5. With accessories. A LBD is perfect for accessorizing.  Add a belt around the middle for a different look, add a scarf, add a coat, add funky jewelry.  It’s the perfect dress for all kinds of accessories. 
Another item I find that I can get a lot of mileage out of is a good button down.  I usually bring my light blue button down because I find it goes with lots of items.  I’ve brought it to warm places like the beach and worn it with shorts, I’ve also brought it to colder climates in the mountains and wore it under large sweaters.  There are many ways to wear this item.
Ways to wear the button-down:
  1. With jeans or pants.  It’s lightweight and comfy so it makes a good airport shirt option.  If you wear it with jeans or pants you can wear sandals or flats.
  2. With leggings.  A button down is great to wear with leggings and tall boots.
  3. Under a sweater.  It makes a great layering option if you’re going to varying climates.  Just wear it under a bulky sweater or nice cardigan.
  4. With a skirt. It’s a great thing to tuck into a skirt with tights or even if its sunny out, you can wear it with the skirt and simply roll up the sleeves if it gets too hot.
  5. With a LBD.  It’s a great option if you’re bringing additional skirts as I mentioned above.
  6. With accessories. A button down is perfect under a vest or a sporty jacket even.  It’s great with scarves and long dangly earrings.
What are your most versatile clothing items?

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