Travel videos from Chile (mostly Torres Del Paine)

I love taking videos and photographs while we’re traveling.  I’ve heard someone say, “I don’t like to take photographs or videos.  I just like to enjoy my vacation.”  I get that if you’re one of those people that gets easily distracted, but the fact is I actually enjoy taking photographs and videos.  It’s part of the experience, to me, to document what is happening.  Not only do I like doing it while I’m there, but I love watching them when I’m home and reliving the trip.  We took a lot of videos on our regular camera, and on the GoPro.  I uploaded about eight of them from the hike in Torres Del Paine, as well as a few from Magdalena Island, right outside of Punta Arenas.  I thought I would share those for today’s post.  (I even added some free music to some of them.)  Videos range from 13 seconds to 2.5 min.  Enjoy! 


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