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One of the best parts about traveling as a couple, or with friends, is the number of games you can play together when you’re waiting around for a flight or waiting in line at a museum.  I tend to plan “epic” trips which involve lots of flights, train rides, buses, metros, and activities.  Because of this, there is a lot of time where you’re just waiting.  If you’re an avid reader, this is the perfect time to get on your Kindle and get lost in a book.  If you’re a video game addict, this would be a great time to play Angry Birds on your phone.  (Or whatever it is you kids play nowadays.)  It can also be a great time to laugh by playing a game.  

Even if you’re not waiting for anything, you could want to bring out the inner child in you and play some fun games while you’re visiting museums, driving around town, hanging out in the airport, etc.  I love having fun while I travel… I hope you do, too, and can find these game suggestions useful.

Here are a few games that my husband and I played while we’ve traveled:

1.  Hang man.  Yes, this is an old game you used to play in middle school during class.  But usually the phrases we use are not the kind you want to say loudly in the middle of an airport.  They’re the kind of phrases that make you giggle like you’re still in middle school.  I have even saved these in my keepsake boxes because usually they’re full of inside jokes from the trip.  Sometimes you forget about the silly things you encounter on your trips, so when I re-read them it’s a little goofy trip down memory lane.

2.  What’s their situation?  If you’re at an airport, it’s real fun to try and guess the relationships between a group of people traveling together, where they’re going and what they’re doing.  I like to try to guess if a couple is on their honeymoon or how long they’ve been together.  Bonus points if you go up and ask them to find out if you were correct.  Since airports bring out the worst in people, it’s also fun to watch people speaking another language and try to figure out what they’re arguing about.  Usually they point to things which can give you an indication of what they’re saying. “Why did you take so long getting a coffee? I told you I had to go to the bathroom!”  (Points to soda bottle.)  “I just drank all of this!”

3.  Clay charades.  This game happened by accident, but the last time we flew Jared had a thing of Silly Putty in his backpack.  This is so lightweight, you most definitely could throw it in your carry-on.  It makes for a fun game to play on the airplane tray tables.


4.  How many photos can I ruin?  I don’t mean photo-bombing per se, I mean making it so that they can’t get a photograph of just themselves and whatever it is they’re posing in front of.  This is especially fun at large touristy sites.  There are so many people stopping in the middle of everyone and trying to take a photograph.  For example, pull out a large map, open it up in the middle of someones photo line and then wait for them to say, “hold on… wait everyone….”  And you know they’re staring and waiting for you to leave… but you just hold your ground until they get fed up and walk away.   Another good one is just to stand exactly where they are and ask someone else to take your picture.  They always look at you like “How dare you?  This is my photo location.”  Keep in mind this is a public spot, not someone’s private portrait studio.  You’re allowed to stand wherever you want.

5.  Hey sheep.  I have to credit my good friend Jeff Kitchens for introducing me to this oh-so-fun country driving game.  Since we were driving through the English countryside, this was a perfect game.  You roll down the window and shout “hey sheep!”  And you get a point for every sheep that looks your way.  You get two points for every cow, three points for a horse, and four points for every farmer that looks up.  

Two points!

6.  Making up erroneous facts loud enough for people to hear.  This is my husband’s favorite game.  When we were at the Everglades, he would loudly say to me “I can’t believe these alligators are statutes.  I always thought they were real.”  And then people around them would ask each other, “really?  Wow, I had no idea.”  The key is to make something up that can be believable and see how many people are eavesdropping on you.  People are gullible, aren’t they?

How about you?  Got any fun games you like to play?


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