Bird - Spring in Northwest Ohio

18 Exciting Spring Things to Do in Toledo & Northwest Ohio

If you’re wondering what to do and where to go to make the most of your spring, the answer is simple — Northwest Ohio. The Buckeye State has plenty to do no matter how old you are or what you’re interested in, and there are tons of spring things to do in Toledo & Northwest Ohio.

Interested in touring a museum? Looking for a spring sporting event? Want to learn something new on a tour? Northwest Ohio offers all of those and more.

After a harsh Ohio winter, there’s nothing better than getting outside and soaking up sunshine and fun. If you’re looking for fun springtime activities in Northwest Ohio, add these to your to-do list!

Watch a Spring Baseball Game in Toledo

One of the best things about spring, no matter which state you live in, is that it’s baseball season. In Northwest Ohio, that means making a trip to Fifth Third Ballpark in Toledo to watch the Toledo Mud Hens, the Triple AAA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

There’s nothing quite like sitting in shorts and a T-shirt on a warm spring afternoon and noshing on hot dogs, peanuts, and crackerjacks while watching a game and cheering on the local team. You can not only enjoy great baseball but also see some of the best players working their way toward the major leagues.

Toledo Mud Hens, Toldeo - Spring in Northwest Ohio
Toledo Mud Hens | photo via @imlazydog

Visit a Museum in Northwest Ohio During Spring

The Buckeye State has plenty of museums that are worth visiting, and many of them can be found in Northwest Ohio. Here are several that you need to put on your spring bucket list:

Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo - Ohio Museums, Spring in Northwest Ohio
Toledo Museum of Art | photo via @trailsedgefineart

Attend a Spring Festival in Northwest Ohio

Ohio has lots of great springtime festivals that are fun to attend, and there are plenty in Northwest Ohio that have no shortage of fun activities.

Biggest Week in American Birding

In May, head to Oak Harbor and one of several locations for the Biggest Week in American Birding. This 10-day event coincides with the migration of the spring warbler to Northwest Ohio. You’ll get a chance to see tons of birds from incredible views, go on day trips, take guided walks, and much more.

Bird - Spring in Northwest Ohio

Walleye Festival

If you’re a fan of fishing, head to Port Clinton in May for the Walleye Festival. It’s a pre-summer kickoff in the self-proclaimed “Walleye Capital of the World.”

There’s live entertainment, a grand parade, a kids’ fishing derby, a beer fest, and plenty of food and merchandise vendors.

Go On a Tour in Northwest Ohio Near Toledo

Whether you like indoor tours or outdoor tours, there are lots of entertaining options in Northwest Ohio that make the perfect way to spend a day. If you’re looking for one, here are some of our recommendations!

Tour a Canal

If you like history, head to the Isaac Ludwig Mill in Grand Rapids for a canal tour at Providence Metropark. Visitors can travel back in time to the 1800s, board a mule-drawn canal boat, and learn from historical reenactors about what life was like.

Tour a Prison

In Fremont, visitors can take a tour of the Sandusky County Historic Jail & Dungeon. The jail was built in the 1800s along with an accompanying home that was meant to give prisoners a sense of home.

The dungeon sits under the Sandusky County Courthouse, and visitors can hear stories about events that happened behind the dungeon walls.

Take a Driving Tour

If you like driving tours, hop in the car and travel along the historic Lincoln Highway Historic Byway. This is a road that opened a gateway for travelers to travel from one end of the country to the other and was actually the first road for cars in the country. It stretches from San Francisco to Times Square, so you’re sure to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of history, no matter which way you travel.

Learn About Ecosystems

The Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve in Huron is a great place to learn about biology and ecosystems. This research reserve is small but provides a great deal of information through tours, hands-on education, and multimedia presentations, among other things.

Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve, Huron - Spring in Northwest Ohio
Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve | photo via @some_who_call_me_timbo

Tour a Candy Factory

No tour is more fun (or perhaps more delicious) than a tour of a candy factory. Spangler Candy Company in Bryan is the place to get your fill of sweets.

Dum Dum Lollipops are made here, as well as candy canes (the stripes actually put on by hand), marshmallow candies, and a variety of bulk candy. No matter your age, this tour will literally make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Visit Cedar Point During Spring in Northwest Ohio

Roller coaster fans will be in heaven at Cedar Point in Sandusky. Known as America’s “Roller Coast,” the park has 16 coasters, the third most of any park in the world.

The normal season here runs from May to Labor Day, and it’s almost impossible not to have fun. Some of Cedar Point’s most notable coasters include:

  • The Magnum — The coaster that led to the coining of the phrase hypercoaster.
  • The Maverick — Has multiple launches and a beyond-vertical 95-degree drop.
  • The Millennium Force — Designated as a giga coaster, it was the first coaster to exceed 300 feet in height.
  • Steel Vengeance — Exceeds 200 feet in height and is thought to be the first hybrid roller coaster in the world.
  • Valravn — Opened in 2016 as the tallest, fastest, longest dive coaster in the world.
Cedar Point, Sandusky - Spring in Northwest Ohio
Cedar Point

Spend Time on Lake Erie in Toledo & Northwest Ohio

If you love being outside, one of the best things about living in or visiting Northwest Ohio is that it’s right on the shores of Lake Erie. That opens up a world of opportunities for spring fun.

You can visit a local park, and take the family for a picnic. Cast off a dock, or take your boat on the water for some fishing or pleasure boating. Gather friends and family for some volleyball or games in the park.

If the water isn’t too cold, you can go for a swim. In either case, there are several lighthouses on Lake Erie that are worth seeing. As long as the sun is shining, there are no limits on the lakeside fun that you can have.

Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light - Lake Erie Lighthouses, Spring in Northwest Ohio
Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light

Experience Spring Things to Do in Toledo & Northwest Ohio

You can make this spring your best yet by having fun in Northwest Ohio. Plan lots of outdoor fun by visiting Cedar Point, watching a baseball game, or hanging out by the lake. Or, opt for indoor fun by taking a tour or visiting a museum.

Whatever your pleasure, you always find fun, enjoyable, and memorable spring things to do in Toledo & Northwest Ohio!

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