20 Best Taco Shops in Ohio to Get Your Comfort Food Fix

If you’re looking for the perfect comfort food, you can’t go wrong with tacos. Generally, tacos are a base of meat and cheese packed in a tortilla, but their versatility makes them the perfect food for any time of the year. Whether you’re a local or visitor, you’ll find some fantastically delicious taco shops in Ohio.

From big cities to locally-owned shops in smaller towns, you’re never far from a good taco meal. Here are some of the best Ohio taco shops worth checking out.

Outstanding Taco Shops in Columbus Ohio

Ohio’s capital city boasts many restaurants with a wide variety of satisfying tacos. In particular, these five spots have set the bar high.

Los Guachos Taqueria

5221 Godown Rd, Columbus, OH

Los Guachos Taqueria tops many lists of the best taco shops in Ohio for good reason. It has long been a favorite of locals and has been nationally recognized by The Food Network and national magazines for its out-of-this-world al pastor. From humble beginnings as a taco truck, it has grown into a brick-and-mortar business with multiple locations.

Condado Tacos

132 S. High St, Columbus, OH

Since 2014, Condado Tacos has opened multiple locations in Columbus and has really taken the taco scene by storm. There are 13 locations, and six are in Central Ohio alone.

The restaurant features a build-your-own menu system, allowing you to fully customize every order. If you don’t want to customize your order, Condado Tacos offers more than a dozen taco suggestions for any kind of meat you desire.

Condado Tacos – Columbus | photo via @twogirlsonecbus


733 N High St, Columbus, OH

Bakersfield originally began in Cincinnati, but expanded to Columbus in 2013. It remains a favorite go-to spot for taco enthusiasts. If you’re looking for more of an upscale experience, this is a place worth checking out because some of its toppings include braised short ribs and mahi.

Local Cantina

1423 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH

The first Local Cantina location began in 2012 but has since become known for its welcoming, casual atmosphere. It serves an interesting array of taco toppings, including Nashville Hot Chicken, and traditional favorites, like carne asada. There are nine locations within Central Ohio.

Rusty Taco | photo via @emkwheeler

Junior’s Tacos

184 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH

This food truck has remained a favorite of Columbus residents since it opened and is the perfect spot to visit if you’re not well-versed in taco varieties. Junior’s Tacos serves traditional-style tacos, but with Junior’s later hours, taco-cravers can get their fix when it sets in.

Top Cincinnati Ohio Restaurants for Tacos

Residents and visitors to Cincinnati may think of Skyline Chili when they think of the Queen City, but it’s also home to some delicious taco spots.

Taqueria San Marcos

5201 Carthage Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Taqueria San Marcos is arguably one of the most unassuming taco spots in the city, but it’s one of the best. It serves some of the most authentic tacos you can find in a place that may remind you of an old-time diner.

Taqueria San Marcos | photo via @dennis.mirosh

Taqueria Mercado Cincy

100 E 8th St, Cincinnati, OH

Situated in downtown Cincinnati, Taqueria Mercado Cincy remains constantly crowded as patrons chow down on some seriously amazing tacos. The shredded chicken taco is considered one of the best, and the barbacoa taco isn’t far behind. Despite the crowds, service is fast and efficient, so seats quickly open.

Taqueria Mercado Cincy | photo via @sammagfunk


600 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH

Another downtown favorite, Nada is popular because it offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu is impressive and features a variety of meats to add to your tacos — carne asada, Baja fish, pork belly, and mahi. If you’re looking for the perfect complement to your tacos, it makes many different margaritas.

Condado Tacos

195 E Freedom Way, Cincinnati, OH

If you’re visiting The Banks, you can visit Condado Tacos’ location in Cincinnati, which offers great Tex-Mex, lots of seating, and a unique interior with big murals and other artwork. As with the Columbus location, you can customize your own tacos at an affordable price — usually $3 to $5 per taco.

Drucken Tacos

200 W. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH

If you’re a student at the University of Cincinnati or you happen to be around campus, you can’t go wrong at Drucken Tacos. The place is inviting and cozy, the food is excellent, and the prices are low. It offers 10 suggested taco options, as well as many varieties of burritos and tortas.

Best Taco Shops in Cleveland Ohio

In the last several years, Cleveland has seen a taco revolution. A lot of restaurants serve everything from Mexican classics to vegetarian and vegan options to overstuffed options.

El Jalapenos Authentic Mexican Restaurant

1313 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH

On Taco Tuesdays, El Jalapenos Authentic Mexican Restaurant serves tacos for just $1.25 each. It offers many options for you to dress up your tacos, including a salsa bar.

Villa Y Zapata

8505 Madison Ave, Cleveland, OH

Villa Y Zapata is a no-frills place that serves heaping portions of delicious food. Alongside mouthwatering tacos, it’s known for poblanos, chimichangas, and chile rellenos.

Villa Y Zapata | photo via @clefoodies

La Plaza Supermarket

13609 Lakewood Heights Blvd, Cleveland, OH

When you’re talking tacos, you may not think of going to a supermarket. But, La Plaza Supermarket is worth it. Tucked into the far back corner of this supermarket is a hidden gem that serves al pastor tacos, as well as barbacoa, chorizo, and carnitas tacos.

The cooks will whip up your food right in front of your eyes, leaving your mouth watering. You can prepay up front and load up on delicious toppings.

La Plaza Supermarket | photo via @f00djawn

Pupuseria La Bendicion

3685 W 105th St, Cleveland, OH

Pupuseria La Bendicion has become well known for its wide array of taco offerings — chicken, beef tongue, and carne. Garnished with toppings such as lemon, tomato, lettuce, spicy salsa, and cilantro, the tacos at this Salvadoran restaurant are packed with flavor.

La Placita

2511 Clark Ave Cleveland, OH

At Cleveland’s seasonal open-air, Hispanic-themed market, street food establishments whip up a fantastic variety of food, including tacos. La Placita is a staple in this market housed in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. You can enjoy your tacos and the sights and sounds all around you, including live music.

Guerra Krazy Tacos | photo via @eridony_prime

Other Taco Shops in Ohio

The big cities aren’t the only places that have delicious taco shops in Ohio. Check out these other favorite spots.

Rusty Taco

1822 Brown St, Dayton, OH

Although it has several locations, the Rusty Taco at the University of Dayton is one of the most popular. If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican food experience, you’ll find it here with housemade chips and salsa, tasty margaritas, and tacos.

You have a range of options, including beef and chicken Fajita tacos, dynamite shrimp, and even cauliflower tacos. If you’re in the mood for breakfast, Rusty Tacos serves eight varieties of breakfast tacos all day.

Rusty Taco | photo via @kartjockey

Taco Tontos

123 Franklin Ave, Kent, OH

With humble beginnings as a food cart next to a bar, Taco Tontos is known for freshness. A commitment to quality has created quite a following that appreciates fresh, tailor-made goodness.

The restaurant makes a dozen varieties of tacos — such as a two-layer taco that combines any corn-shelled tacos with a soft tortilla and the customers’ choice of “glue” (queso, sour cream, or guacamole). Coupled with more than two dozen add-ons, you’re in for a tasty meal.

Taco Tontos | photo via @goodet

Guerra Krazy Tacos

229 N Belmont Ave, Springfield, OH

With a dazzling variety of signature tacos, Guerra Krazy Tacos is one place you don’t want to miss. The regular taco menu includes Asian ginger chicken tacos, jerk chicken tacos, BBQ, hot sauce and beef El Taco Rojo, and the Hot Mess (a mix of beef, cheese, beans, and hot sauce).

Regular tacos are just $3 each. So, if you’re feeling hungry, you can get your fill at an affordable price.

Guerra Krazy Tacos | photo via @gina_daniels33

Casa Del Taco

1055 N Bridge St #1055, Chillicothe, OH

The self-proclaimed ‘Home of the Taco’ offers fresh, affordable food. You’ll find just about any kind of Mexican food your heart desires, including tacos. If you’re in the mood for something other than tacos, Casa Del Taco offers plenty of combos to whet your appetite.

Casa Del Taco | photo via @psjonesbeck

Azteca Mexican Restaurant

1779 E Market St, Akron, OH

Azteca Mexican Restaurant offers homestyle Mexican food in an inviting setting and outdoor seating on a patio with occasional live music. In Northeast Ohio, they’re known for fusion cuisine and, of course, tacos.

Here, you’ll find tacos and burritos, as well as a variety of seafood dishes, such as shrimp tacos. Paired with a margarita, you’re in for an unforgettable meal, and you’re sure to leave with a full stomach and good spirits.

Azteca Mexican Restaurant | photo via @twohungrybeaches

Explore More of the Best Restaurants in Ohio

Are you looking for more Ohio restaurants outside of the big cities? You can find a lot of local restaurants in Dayton Ohio. Or, maybe you’re in Southeast Ohio, where there are several wonderful Marietta restaurants. Even Northwest Ohio has some amazing restaurants in Toledo.

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