Summer camping checklist and versatile items I love

This summer has been a crazy month of coming and going.  Usually I’m way ahead of the game and write articles ahead of time to post, but I just haven’t been home long enough to do that!  Luckily, however, some of my articles have been posted on the blog Travel Fashion Girl.  This is one of my all-time favorite blogs, and am thrilled to be part of their regular writing team.  I found this website years ago when I was looking to pack lighter, and still be fashionable! (Right now, I’m currently working furiously to redo capsule outfit combinations on a large portion of articles, which is making me even more excited to put together travel outfits.  More on that later!)

Anyways, please check out these two articles with a brief description below.  Just so you know, I’ve used my own summer camping list when I went camping a few weekends ago, and I also used many of these versatile items I mention in the other article.  Happy summer travels everyone!

Summer Fashion 2016: Versatile Items We Love  (Click link to read full article)

Some items have so many ways that you can wear them that it just makes sense to bring them on your travels. A lot of these have been talked about before; such as the classic little black dress (aka the “LBD”) or a scarf. However, there are a few other items that I think work great for summer and would be worth considering to bring on your summer travels.

Summer Camping Essentials Checklist for a Weekend Trip  (Click link to read full article)

An overnight hiking and camping trip to a remote destination with lakes, rivers, ponds or beaches just screams summer travels. Some of the best national parks with a waterfront are just waiting to be explored. Hiking trails, star gazing and swimming are on the list for this summer camping checklist!

Adventure is waiting so being prepared for a summer camping expedition is key to having a fun and enjoyable time. We’ll be preparing for hot weather, swimming, mosquitoes, sweat and sunburns.

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