Souvenir Ideas

If you’re not a “wish you were here” t-shirt person or if you’re not interested in the tacky souvenirs, consider thinking outside of the box.
I am a subscriber to Birchbox and every month I get a nice cardboard box with samples in it.  I save these boxes because they’re just too nice to throw away.  Turns out, they are fantastic travel keepsake holders.  I usually save post-cards, stickers, receipts and other items from my travels and they all fit nicely in here with easy access for a trip down memory lane.
For Christmas this year, my husband found an old Euro from one of our last trips and made me a necklace.  It’s simple and yet I’ve received dozens of compliments.  It’s also nice to wear around something from my trip.
Instead of trying to haul back large items, I purchase my favorite art print post-cards from museums and frame them.  They would be too small on a wall by themselves, but after 5 or 10 of these it makes a great little collage and reminder of all the great art work that moved you while you were away.

How about you?  How do you display your travel keepsakes?

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