Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Do you remember when you were a kid and someone would ask what super powers you’d want to have?  Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?  The best part is I actually do have superpowers.  Not only did I fly to the Caribbean, I also could breathe underwater!

I love to snorkel.  Getting under the water and getting to see fish swim all around you is a serene experience.  I want to snorkel every time I am in the water.  Even if there’s nothing to see.  It’s just breathing underwater that makes you feel like you have superpowers.

Seavenger provided us with two snorkeling sets that we could try out on our vacation.  (Thank you so much Seavenger! #togetherweventure)  We got the Aviator style which came with a mask, snorkel and fins.  We were so excited to have our own sets that we could take with us.

One place we went to in Cozumel allowed us to snorkel right outside the restaurant, by a reef, for free.  To rent gear, you’d have to pay about $15 a person.  Having our own gear allowed us not only to save money, but also to not share saliva with a stranger.  So you know, that was a huge plus.

Being from Ohio, we don’t have a lot of opportunities to snorkel in our backyard.  We have to travel somewhere to do it.  But, whenever we have the opportunity, it’s amazing.  We’ve paid for many snorkeling excursions where they take you out on a boat, and let you jump out somewhere beautiful not snorkel.  This time, we wanted to do it ourselves.  We wanted to snorkel directly from the beach, or in our case, ride a bike to a reef and jump in.  Sometimes those small boats on snorkeling excursions make me real seasick.  So I liked walking in right from the beach.

What I really liked about this particular snorkeling set was how clear the mask was.  I’ve worn some pretty unclear masks with a sort of murky, fuzzy view.  These were as clear as looking through a window.  I also loved how lightweight the fins were.  I feel funny walking in fins and usually end up tripping in the sand, but these were very light and worked so well in the water.

The valve worked great when you plunged, came back up, and needed to blow that salt water out. I liked that the kits came with waterproof bags, so we could each keep our items separate, as well as keep the other items in our backpacks dry. The only issues we really had with these sets were user-error.

When you don’t snorkel a lot, you have to get used to wearing the items.  For example, my mask had some water leaking in, but that’s because I have so much hair and the mask wasn’t properly suctioned on. Once I figured out how to pull my hair back, it worked out great!

The biggest plus for me was really just having the set at my disposal.  I like to have flexibility in my travels.  Having my own snorkeling set provided me with that flexibility.

So, how about you?  Do you like to snorkel?  Do you have your own set?

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