24 Local Restaurants in Marietta Ohio You Should Visit

Along with the charm of being the original Western frontier, Marietta Ohio is a hidden melting pot for the culinary arts. Despite its smaller size, the city has more than two dozen locally-owned restaurants in Washington County.

While you’re exploring the many things to do in Marietta Ohio, you can refuel at any of these delicious local restaurants in Marietta Ohio.

Marietta Ohio Restaurants for a Quick Bite

McKenna’s Market

Located downtown, McKenna’s Market is a local deli known for wonderful homemade salads and sub sandwiches. Along with being a deli, it sells local and gourmet foods, beer, Amish cheeses, wines, fresh ground coffee, tea, condiments, and a whole lot more.

The Cozy Kitchen | photo via @cclark_cozykitchen

Busy Bee Restaurant & Diner

Serving homestyle American breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Busy Bee Restaurant & Diner started as a mom-and-pop restaurant in 1944. It was a teen hangout until 2016, when a new owner stepped in and made some changes to the building and menu.

The menu changes included adding more locally produced and scratch items, including the pastrami and corned beef. Breakfast is served all day.

Busy Bee Restaurant & Diner | photo via @clutchmov

Casual Restaurants in Marietta Ohio

The Original Pizza Place

Winner of the Best of the Mid-Ohio Valley in 2021, The Original Pizza Place has been serving the region since 1976. The restaurant makes the dough with simple ingredients every day and tops it with authentic pizza sauce, fresh vegetables, house-cut meats, mozzarella cheese, and famous cup-and-char pepperoni.

The staff is trained to craft, hand toss, and stretch award-winning pizzas. Also on the menu are gelato, Italian cakes and desserts, oven-baked chicken wings, and beer and wine.

Boathouse BBQ

Since summer 2007, Boathouse BBQ has had an impressive dining room and large patio with views of the Ohio River, so you can watch the riverboats pass by. It’s the premier barbecue restaurant in Marietta, boasting more than 12 awards for its chili, ribs, and wings.

In addition, the menu of 72 items includes burgers, seafood, steak, and more. There are fire pits and cornhole boards on the property as well.

Boathouse BBQ | photo via @adventuresoverobjects

The Cozy Kitchen

Located in the heart of downtown Marietta, The Cozy Kitchen uses the best ingredients to create exceptional meals. The chef uses traditional cooking methods, so the dishes come out with a home-cooked twist. The kitchen is open for breakfast and lunch.

The Cozy Kitchen | photo via @cclark_cozykitchen

Marietta Ohio Restaurants for Authentic International Cuisines


If you’re looking for the best Italian local restaurants in Marietta Ohio, Spagna’s is the place to go. It’s located in the historic Harmar Village just behind the riverfront, serving authentic Southern Italian food.

The dining room has an intimate feel, and the busy lunch and dinner times give you the experience of eating in a busy Italian restaurant. The menu includes an extensive wine list.

Tampico Mexican Restaurant

To get your fix for Mexican cuisine, Tampico Mexican Restaurant makes authentic dishes with quality ingredients. The restaurant was established in 1998 with a commitment to serve meals with a friendly, warm touch, and it continues that tradition today.

You can order everything from burritos to fajitas, tilapia, and regional specialties.

Tampico Mexican Restaurant | photo via @tampico_marietta

TLV Restaurant

For Israeli and Lebanese cuisine, dine at TLV Restaurant. You know that this amazing food is authentic because the owners are Israeli. The menu includes hummus, falafels, shawarma, shashlik, and vegan and vegetarian options.

Established in 2020, the restaurant also has a bakery that makes baklava, breads, cookies, pastries, and other desserts.

On top of that, it has a full-size bar with a selection of 100 beers and wines, more than 50 cocktails, and more.

TLV Restaurant | photo via @bigdoglibations

Pubs & Brewpubs in Marietta Ohio

Marietta Brewing Company

Situated in downtown, Marietta Brewing Co. proudly makes handcrafted beer. It was a pre-prohibition brewery and is the longest-lasting brewing company in the city.

Originally called Union Brewery, the name changed in 1903. The company tried to reopen in 1933, but it didn’t actually reopen until 1997 in its current location.

The kitchen makes delicious dishes — such as burgers and pizzas — has a great bar, and hosts live music.

Marietta Brewing Company | photo via @mcmmama

The Galley

One of the best pub-like local restaurants in Marietta Ohio, The Galley is a popular spot located in an 1899 building. The restaurant has been established since 1981, and it was renovated in 2006.

Along with more than 24 beers on tap, 50 bottled beers, creative cocktails, and a large wine list, the menu features burgers, grilled entrees, pasta dishes, and seafood.

The Galley | photo via @luckyjamie

Gator’s Pub

For a warm atmosphere and cold drinks, head to Gator’s Pub. The restaurant is known for being the cleanest bar in the Mid-Ohio Valley. The menu includes sandwiches, wraps, and burgers.

Along with a delicious meal, you can enjoy some karaoke, live music, and signature Swamp Juice, which is a secret mix of liquors and tropical fruit juices.

Harmar Tavern

Known as a neighborhood gathering place, the Harmar Tavern is almost always open. It’s famous for its fried bologna sandwich.

In addition to more sandwiches, the restaurant serves burgers, Nathan’s premium beef hot dogs, and salads. You can even order classic cheese pizza from Spagna’s.

Harmar Tavern | photo via @zetetic23

Over the Moon Pub & Pizza

Located downtown in a 150-year-old building, Over the Moon Pub & Pizza is a homegrown restaurant and bar with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The kitchen makes fresh sub sandwiches and pizzas.

You can pair your dish with a selection of beer and wine. The restaurant hosts live music and entertainment, and there’s a patio for outdoor dining.

Over the Moon Pub & Pizza | photo via @kendraskyyee

Marietta Ohio Restaurants for Fine Dining

The Buckley House Restaurant

In a historical house that was built in 1879, The Buckley House Restaurant is one of the best local restaurants in Marietta Ohio for fine dining. Open since 2010, the restaurant serves a fusion of American, French, and Mediterranean dishes.

The lunch menu is designed for diners on the go, and the dinner menu changes often with specials and divine desserts.

The Buckley House Restaurant | photo via @rebelgurljessi


Winning the hearts of local and out-of-town diners alike, Austyn’s serves dishes from around the world, such as beef of filet, cut of lamb, the Maryland crabcake, and ocean feast. The menu includes fresh seafood, hand-cut steaks, and pasta; the desserts are made fresh; and there’s a large beer, cocktail, and wine selection.

Unlike the other restaurants on this list, Austyn’s hosts a variety of art shows, festivals, and parades throughout the year.

Austyn’s | photo via @itsalwaysabbyhour

Levee House Bistro

In a relaxed atmosphere, Levee House Bistro is located in Marietta’s only original riverfront building, which dates back to 1826.

The lunch menu features soups, salads, sandwiches, sliders, and flatbreads. The dinner menu features soups, salads, and entrees of chicken, pasta, seafood, steak, and more. All of the dishes are made with fresh, local ingredients.

Levee House Bistro | photo via @leighgartenhaus

Unique Local Restaurants in Marietta Ohio

Gun Room Dining Room

One of the most distinct local restaurants in Marietta Ohio, the Gun Room Dining Room is located within The Lafayette hotel in Marietta Ohio, and serves breakfast five days a week. Originally opened as the Rufus Putnam Dining Room in 1931, this restaurant has been open to the public since 1946.

The decor features a range of boating components, including unused U.S. Navy pilot wheels from WWII. But the Gun Room is most famous for its collection of 1795-1880 handcrafted long rifles.

Marietta Wine Cellars

Wine cellars often have charcuterie boards or plates of crackers and cheese to pair with their wine choices, but few have a deli, lounge, and gift shop. That’s what you’ll find at Marietta Wine Cellars, which has been open since 2000.

You can choose from more than 30 varieties of wine in the front of the shop. In the back, you’ll find a meat and cheese deli, soft-dipped velvet ice cream, and a lounge with a full bar and kitchen that serves appetizers, sandwiches, and desserts on Fridays. You can enjoy live music too.

The Buckley House Restaurant | photo via @rebelgurljessi

House of Wines

Not your typical wine shop, House of Wines is a full restaurant inside. Owner Sally Oliver has managed multiple Boston-area restaurants in the past, including one with French fine dining.

With this influence, she freshly prepares classic French American dishes that compliment the craft beers and wines in her shop. Along with a casual dining experience, you can experience fine cigars.

Marietta Ohio Cafes & Coffee Shops

Stoked Coffee

According to The Marietta Times, Stoked Coffee has the best coffee in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

To set itself apart from other cafes and coffee shops, it only uses the top 5% of coffee beans from Africa, Central and South America, and Indonesia. Additionally, Stoked serves customized coffees with low-calorie, sugar-free, and more than 50 flavor options.

Even the building is different from the others with a notably steep roof. Non-coffee drinks are available as well — hot and iced tea, smoothies, and kids drinks.

Jeremiah’s Coffee House | photo via @cocktailians

Jeremiah’s Coffee House

Striving to serve the highest quality products, Jeremiah’s Coffee House is the perfect place to have a cup of joe while taking in the beauty of downtown Marietta. Along with your favorite drink, you can order a sweet treat and enjoy the cozy atmosphere while spending time with friends.

The cafe menu features awesome homemade soups and gluten-free baked goods and meal options. Also, the kitchen is good at working around other dietary issues.

Jeremiah’s Coffee House | photo via @itsalwaysabbyhour

Candy Stores & Ice Cream Shops in Marietta Ohio

Putnam Chocolates

Although not one of the traditional local restaurants in Marietta Ohio, Putnam Chocolates isn’t a shop you want to pass. Owner Shane has been carefully hand crafting every piece of chocolate for about 35 years.

He doesn’t have an online store, so the only way to enjoy these treats is to stop by. If you have a large order or there’s something specific that you want, you can call the landline.

The Galley | photo via @just.here.for.food

Kreamy Kreations Hand-Dipped Ice Cream

For a cold treat on the Ohio River Levee, head to Kreamy Kreations Hand-Dipped Ice Cream. One of the best ice cream places in Ohio, it has 16 different flavors, and nondairy and sugar-free options are available. You can even get ice cream for your pet!

Kreamy Kreations Hand-Dipped Ice Cream | photo via @melissa.rosemc

Neaders Cone N Shake

Known as a landmark and American classic, Neaders Cone N Shake is an Ohio ice cream shop with a wide variety of options — cones, royals, shakes, and slushies. The menu includes grilled burgers and sandwiches, fried sides, wagon-wheel hot dog sauce, and other traditional classics.

Neaders Cone N Shake | photo via @lori_lynch_smith

Frequently Asked Questions About Local Restaurants in Marietta Ohio

What are the new restaurants in Marietta, Ohio?

The newest restaurant in Marietta is TLV Restaurant, which was launched in 2020.

What’s the best American restaurant in Marietta, Ohio?

Marietta has several restaurants that serve American cuisine, so we’ve selected a few of our favorites — Busy Bee Restaurant & Diner, The Buckley House Restaurant, and Levee House Bistro.

What are the Marietta, Ohio restaurants on the river?

Of the list of restaurants that we highlighted above, four of them are located on or close to the Ohio River — Boathouse BBQ, Gun Room Dining Room, Levee House Bistro, and Kreamy Kreations Hand-Dipped Ice Cream. A handful of others are located on or near the Muskingum River — TLV Restaurant, The Buckley House Restaurant, House of Wines, and Putnam Chocolates.

Are there any takeout restaurants in Marietta Ohio?

As a matter of fact, nearly all of the restaurants in our list above offer carryout or curbside pickup. That we know of, only Marietta Wine Cellars doesn’t.

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