Podcast episode: The Bosnian War

Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina in September challenged us in a lot of ways.  Realizing that while I was watching Arthur on PBS, kids my age across the world were dodging bullets and hoping to avoid the mass genocide happening right before their eyes.  I’ve been wanting to reflect on this in some way, but just didn’t really know how.  A podcast episode seemed like the perfect way to unpack it.

One thing that’s important to me when traveling is to select destinations that will challenge me.  I want to learn and grow; you don’t learn and grow by doing the exact same things every time.  I hope this is thought-provoking for you, as well as inspire you to select a travel destination that won’t be easy for you.  A destination that will make you stretch and rethink things you thought you knew.  A place that will open up your eyes to a new way of viewing the world.  And I promise you, you won’t be the same after an experience like that.

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