Packing cubes: a travel must

I can’t say enough about the importance of purchasing packing cubes.  They are the beginner’s step to staying organized and packing light.  There are many different kinds.  My husband has Rick Steves cubes, and I have the eBags I purchased on Amazon.  

This is of one of the smaller cubes I use for my dedicates, socks, tights and pajamas.

They don’t look like much, but they are quite possibly my most favorite travel purchase thus far.  You can purchase different sizes, but I think a set with one small, medium and large will do the trick.
Here’s a few reasons why I love these things so much:
  1. Organization.  You roll up each item and place it in the cube.  Then each item has a spot that it can be returned to.  Everything is neat and orderly.
  2. You can see it all. Since everything is rolled up, you see all of your clothing options at once.  As opposed to pulling stacks of clothes out and going through a pile or riffling through a bag. 
  3. Tidier Room.  Since you have a spot for each item, after you’ve worn it, it goes right back.  Thus, you won’t have clothing strewn about the hotel room.
  4. You can fit everything.  Everything is neatly and tightly packed and stacked up like a tetris puzzle.  All your items fit inside the bag without you having to sit on the suitcase and try to get it closed.
  5. Realistic.  This help you stay realistic with your packing choices.  If you roll up all your items and see that you have three white sweaters and you can’t fit a pair of pants, you can make better choices.  Just bring one white sweater, and one pair of pants.  
  6. Lightweight.  If you limit yourself to fitting all your clothing in these cubes, then if it can’t fit, it doesn’t go.  It really helps you figure out what you really want and need instead of just getting a bigger bag for more sweaters that you don’t need or won’t wear.  
Here are three packing cubes, a toiletry bag and one bag of shoes.  See how they pack inside a carry-on in a neat orderly way.

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