Where to Find the Best Ohio Sunflowers This Year

In early August, fields across the state begin to blossom with majestic Ohio sunflowers. Sunflower fields in Ohio have increased in popularity in recent years, as more people seek to enjoy the great outdoors and capture photos with these towering plants that only arrive once per year.

Sunflowers in Ohio bloom across the state, and there are fields with various attractions and photo props to enjoy in every region.

From Toledo to Cincinnati, these are the best places to experience the sunflowers in Ohio for yourself.

Sunflower Fields in Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio is home to several flower farms that allow visitors to come, experience their flowers and even pick a few blooms to take home for themselves.

Talisman Farm – Sylvania

Talisman Farm in Sylvania is one of the most well-known flower farms in the region, and this farm offers you-pick hours for visitors throughout the entire flower season.

This farm does have sunflower fields that typically bloom in August, and it’s important to remember that the peak of the season can vary from year to year. It’s best to contact the farm in advance to find out if there are sunflowers available to pick.

Talisman Farm | photo via @talismanfarmflowers

JK Orchards and Farm – Lima

JK Orchards and Farm is another Northwest Ohio flower farm that offers unique sunflower season opportunities for visitors. While this farm does have a cut flower garden where visitors can choose their own blooms, its sunflower field is reserved for strolling and enjoying.

In fact, they have turned their sunflower field into a maze that guests can wind their way through, allowing them to enjoy these larger-than-life flowers along the way. Sunflower season at this farm begins in early August and runs through the first week of September.

JK Orchards and Farm | photo via @nica_veda

Ohio Sunflowers in the Northeast Region

The Northeast Region of Ohio is a treasure trove when it comes to sunflower fields. It seems that these fields pop up around every winding turn along a country road.

Maize Valley – Hartville

The sunflower field at Maize Valley is located in Hartville, and has become a favorite among local residents and visitors alike. The sunflower patch at this farm opens in late July, and guests can browse the field in the early afternoon hours or during the evening.

Admission is $5 per person, and visitors also can cut their own stems for an additional price. 

Maize Valley | photo via @600milesnorth

Molnar Farms – Poland

Another sunflower field in northeast Ohio is Molnar Farms. This farm is located in Poland, and it offers pick-your-own sunflower times during weekends in August.

The times vary based on the weather and the number of blooms that are currently available, so it’s important to contact the farm ahead of time to find out the most current information.

Molnar Farms | photo via @bre.k.t.9210

Western Ohio Sunflower Fields to Enjoy

In western Ohio, the best place to see sunflowers in all of their natural glory is in Yellow Springs.

Tecumseh Land Trust – Yellow Springs

Each year, the Tecumseh Land Trust plants a sunflower field designed to awe and inspire. This field has become a tradition in Yellow Springs, and now, visitors are coming from afar in order to catch a glimpse of this whimsical field of blooms.

Since this field is not situated on a farm or in a designated attraction, visitors are asked to safely park along the route and be aware of their surroundings as they walk through the fields.

Tecumseh Land Trust | photo via @jeffrohevans

The Best Sunflower Fields in the Greater Columbus Area

Some of the largest sunflower fields in Ohio are located in the heart of the state, outside of Columbus.

Lynd Fruit Farm – Alexandria

At Lynd Fruit Farm in Alexandria, visitors will find S’Miles of Sunflowers — a 35-acre field that has more than 1 million sunflowers in bloom during its peak season. Anyone who comes to this massive field will be delighted to discover that there are more than 30 different varieties of sunflowers on display.

This field opens up in the middle of July, and due to the diversity of the field, it continues to bloom until the end of September. 

Lynd Fruit Farm | photo via @teressamishla

22 Acres Farm – Heath

Another popular sunflower field in Central Ohio is the one situated on 22 Acres Farm, in Heath. This farm has a sunflower field that spans more than 5 acres and includes more than 15 different varieties of sunflowers.

While many sunflower fields have visiting hours on the weekends only, this one invites guests to stroll through the fields and take photographs throughout the entire week. Morning visitors will find the fields to be quiet and peaceful, while evening visitors will enjoy the cheerful, vacation vibe at this destination.

22 Acres Farm | photo via @22acresfarm

Southwest Ohio Fields with Sunflowers

In Southwest Ohio, many people flock to Cincinnati in late September or early October in order to see the sunflower fields in bloom.

Gorman Heritage Farm – Cincinnati

Gorman Heritage Farm in Cincinnati actually hosts a Sunflower Festival each year in order to celebrate the magnificent flowers that blossom in their fields. This festival typically takes place in early October, and includes activities like walking through the Sunflower Maze or cutting your own sunflowers.

In addition, visitors can enjoy hayrides, pumpkin picking, and more.

Gorman Heritage Farm | photo via @darlingtraveler1

Where to Find Sunflowers in Southeast Ohio

Further toward the Appalachian region, it can be more difficult to find sunflower fields, but Fuhrmann Orchards is one place where local residents and visitors can find fresh-cut sunflowers in the late summer and early fall months.

Fuhrmann Orchards – Wheelersburg

This orchard has long been known for its fresh fruit, but in the last 15 years, it has become the go-to destination for cut flowers. There is a sunflower field on-site that visitors can browse and select their own stems. 

FAQs About Ohio Sunflowers

Sunflower season is as elusive as it is magical. It’s important to know where to go and what to do in order to uncover the best sunflower fields in Ohio. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ohio sunflowers.

What Month Do Sunflowers Bloom in Ohio?

Sunflowers can bloom in Ohio anytime between late July and early October, depending on where the field is located and which variety of sunflowers are planted in the field. It’s also important to keep in mind that a specific field may bloom at different times from year to year.

Generally speaking, each farm or field manager can provide you with more insight as to when they expect their sunflower blooms to peak during any given season. 

How Long Does a Sunflower Bloom Last?

Sunflower blooms typically last for three or four weeks, depending on the location of the field, the weather during the season, and the varieties that are planted in the field. 

Can I Pick Sunflowers in Ohio?

Yes, you can pick sunflowers in Ohio — but remember that not every sunflower field or patch is open for cutting. You will want to confirm with the farm that you are visiting before you take any of their sunflowers.

Typically, a flower farm or field that offers you-pick sunflowers will sell them for a specific price per stem. Be aware of the rules and regulations of the field that you visit, and make sure that you confirm that you are allowed to pick flowers before you begin selecting your blooms.

Why are There so Many Sunflower Fields in Ohio?

Sunflower fields thrive in Ohio, and these picturesque fields have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people enjoy having their photographs taken in these fields due to the fact that they offer a mystical and magical vibe.

The fleeting season of sunflowers makes it feel even more special, which has increased demand for these fields. Over the last several years, more farms have planted sunflower fields for their visitors to enjoy during the late summer and early fall months.

What Can I Expect When I Visit an Ohio Sunflower Field?

When visiting a sunflower field, you and anyone that is coming with you should be prepared for a beautiful and immersive natural experience. Here are a few things that you will want to keep in mind:

?Sunflowers are tall, and you will be walking through the field in order to get to the blooms that you want to see the most. This means that you may feel hot, tired, or sweaty along the way. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! 

?Sunflower fields can be muddy, so wear appropriate footwear. Just because those heels may look great in your sunflower photo doesn’t mean that they are the best choice for trekking through the field. 

?Sunflowers attract pollinators, so don’t be surprised if there are bees buzzing about. It’s particularly important to prepare young children for the fact that there will be bees flying through the fields, as this will help them prepare for the experience and feel less scared while they are there.

Enjoying Sunflowers in Ohio

Whether you want to go on a sunflower expedition and tour all of the sunflower fields in the state, or you are simply looking for one field where you could take a few spectacular photos during golden hour, you won’t be disappointed by sunflower season in Ohio.

Sunflower season in Ohio is fleeting and comes only once per year, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience it for yourself!

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