My top 10 posts of 2016

One year over, and another year has begun!  I still enjoy blogging, and from the feedback I’ve gotten, people are still enjoying reading.  I’m hopeful my posts will continue to be helpful to you throughout 2017 as well.  I have some great travel plans coming up, and I can’t wait to share stories, tricks-of-the-trade and any travel snafus that will happen.  I don’t believe I’m an expert on anything, but I do love sharing what I do know.  

For any of you bloggers who are not well-known (like me), regional (like me) and write about smaller areas (like me), please don’t stop!  I am always finding great blogs online that provide insight to areas, and well kept secrets!  Even if only two people are reading, don’t stop.  Two people might be me!

I thought I would share my most popular posts of 2016.. some of them weren’t posted in 2016, but still being read!  Some of them were surprising to me, and some were obvious.  In case you missed some of these posts, check them out:

10.  America the Beautiful
9.  Places within four hours of Columbus, Ohio (part 2)
8.  Rain, rain, don’t go away
7.  Places within four hours of Columbus, Ohio (part 1)
6.   The many ways to wear a sundress
5.  Seven things I hate about traveling
4.  My favorite travel bag
3.  How exactly do you plan a trip?
2.  Six things you never need to pack
1.  What’s in my carry-on?

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