My summer wrap-up

It’s been a very hectic summer for me.  Finishing grad school, lots of traveling and other life changes.  But with the passing of Labor Day, we know the summer has come to an end.  (Some people don’t know the summer is over, I’m talking to you man at the gas station wearing white sweatpants on September 5th.)  I thought it was time to wrap the summer up with a little post on places I went, products I used and whatever else I feel like writing about.

New travel products

I wrote about the Hynes Eagle packing cubes I used this summer in my post on Banff and Jasper (mentioned below).  I just tried some of their new products this past weekend, one was a set of packing cubes, which my niece was able to use on our family trip.

It comes with a big laundry bag as well, which is a great addition to the packing cube set.  I haven’t used a laundry bag with my cubes, but as clothing gets worn through the trip, it’s nice to have a separate place to put the real dirty items.  (And of course, these cubes match her pink Nikes perfectly).

The other product I tried was their cable/electronics organizer.

I have no idea why I’ve never used one of these before, because they’re awesome!  They keep everything all in one place so you’re not digging through everything trying to find “that one cord.”

I also find it frustrating being on a plane and having my ear bugs tangled up in my scarf (which seems to always happen).  This particular organizer fit all of my cords, a cordless mouse for my laptop, flashdrive, and my Kindle.  It fit everything in it!  I love it.

Summer destinations

This summer was a whirlwind, mostly because we were traveling as well as working and doing school.  That being said, we saw some amazing new places this summer.  I’ve written and posted guides for some of them:

I also visited some beautiful places in Ohio, and posted part three of “Best views in Ohio”:

We just went to Tennessee with my family, and toured our old stomping grounds in Townsend where we used to live.  We drove to a few parts of the Smoky Mountain National Park, including Cade’s Cove.  We actually stayed on Lake Douglas which turned out to be very beautiful.

We stayed at an amazing Airbnb.  The home had been in the family for over 100 years, and used to be a storefront “Pioneer Trading Post”.  The place was filled with family pictures and antiques.  It had an indoor and outdoor table, hot tub and boat dock.  (We took full advantage of the boat dock).

Of course we went tubing on the boat off the dock.  (My niece and nephew did all day every day, some of us older people couldn’t handle more than once.)

In case you missed it…

I announced this summer that I am currently working on a book.  It’s titled “Be Your Own Travel Agent” and is all my best trip planning tips in one package.   Read about this exciting new book here:

I’ve also been working on an exciting new website, Walkli, that is designed for travelers who like to explore on foot.  There are all kinds of interesting tours that walk you through some really cool places within cities.  Check it out here:

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