My favorite travel video

Although this isn’t a practical traveling tip, this is one of my favorite videos I’ve taken on a trip. To me, it really captures the feeling of the trip.  Sometimes the entire trip happens and there are these moments that you may not remember, and sometimes you just need a video to jog your memory.  They engage a whole other part of your brain: sound. 

This video was taken while we were driving through Zion National Park almost two years ago.  Just to clarify, we were actually listening to this song on the drive.  I didn’t dub it in after we got home.  (You can tell, obviously, as Jared is “ding-a-linging” in the beginning.)  We just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary yesterday and it’s hard to believe we’ve been seeing the world together for all that time.  

I suppose I can end with a travel tip.  Don’t just take photographs, take videos, too. When you’re there, you may feel silly doing that, but trust me, they’re worth it when you get home.  It’s been almost two years and I still like to see this.

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