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12+ Best Things to Do at Munroe Falls Metro Park This Year

Located just outside Akron is the town of Munroe Falls, where you can find Munroe Falls Metro Park. It’s one of many in the Summit County Metro Park system, but it’s worth a visit! The 500 acres are home to a variety of hiking trails, a lake, several ponds, and one of the most unique ecosystems in Northeast Ohio.

Munroe Falls Metro Park, Munroe Falls - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Munroe Falls Metro Park | photo via @adamvanho

About Munroe Falls Metro Park

Munroe Falls Metro Park is a stunning nature preserve in Northeast Ohio. It features many miles of hiking trails, as well as a lake, picnic area, playground, and more.

The park has undergone many changes since it was first developed in the 1930s. These days, it includes more than 500 acres, much of which is forest. In addition to the lake, there are several scenic ponds throughout the property.

One of the biggest attractions in Munroe Falls Metro Park, though, is its unique ecosystem. It’s supported by signature acidic soil, which makes it possible for rare plants to thrive. Bird-watchers and nature enthusiasts will enjoy finding plants and animals that aren’t commonly native to Northeast Ohio.

Munroe Falls Metro Park, Munroe Falls - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Munroe Falls Metro Park | photo via @jcole1981

Things to Do at Munroe Falls Metro Park

There are many things to do at Munroe Falls Metro Park throughout the year. Here are some of the top attractions that you can enjoy in each season.

Spring at Munroe Falls

Spring is one of the best times to go hiking in Munroe Falls Metro Park. During this season, you’ll see flowers starting to bloom and animals starting to emerge from their winter dens.

A springtime favorite at Munroe Park is the Tallmadge Meadows Area. Here, visitors can hike one of two gentle trails while enjoying the view of the wildflowers.

The trails pass through a variety of ecosystems, including wetlands, meadows, and forests. Along the way, you may see plants like swamp milkweed, American sycamore, and the fungi known as chicken of the woods. You may also spot opossums, deer, skunks, or coyotes!

You can find more spring things to do in Ohio nearby too.

Munroe Falls Metro Park, Munroe Falls - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Munroe Falls Metro Park | photo via @adamvanho

Things to Do During Summer

In the summer, visitors flock to Munroe Falls Metro Park to enjoy swimming and other watersports at the lake. The lake is easily reachable by following the Indian Springs Trail, which passes through woods and wetlands before crossing the beach area.

The beach includes public restrooms and a playground, as well as a picnic area. Starting in May, boats are permitted as long as they’re paddleboats. You can rent kayaks and canoes for a small fee.

Fishing is another popular summer activity at Munroe Falls Metro Park. Anglers may cast a line in either the lake or Heron Pond. Fish species here include bluegill sunfish, largemouth bass, carp, catfish, and northern pike.

Fall at Munroe Falls Metro Park

Fall is the perfect time to hit the trails at Munroe Falls Metro Park. There are several for hiking and biking with various terrains and lengths. Some of these are short and highly accessible, while others present more of a challenge. 

So why is autumn the best time to enjoy a walk at Munroe Falls Metro Park? Simply because this is the time of year when the forest really shines! Visitors love walking the trails here while admiring the fall foliage. Autumn also offers stunning views of the lake, pond, and wetlands.

Nearby are more fantastic places to see Ohio fall colors.

Munroe Falls Metro Park, Munroe Falls - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Munroe Falls Metro Park | photo via @samchalksalot

Activities to Do in the Winter

Munroe Falls Metro Park remains a popular destination even during winter thanks to its extensive hiking trails and stunning scenery. During this time, visitors come to the park to enjoy sledding down the snowy hills and cross-country skiing.

The lake area and Tallmadge Meadows Area are some of the best spots for winter sports. There are even lighted areas so that you can continue to enjoy the park after sundown.

Check out even more things to do in Northeast Ohio during winter.

Where to Eat Near Munroe Falls Metro Park

If you prefer restaurant dining over picnicking, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to eat in Munroe Falls or nearby Cuyahoga Falls. Here are a few favorite spots among locals and visitors.

Darby's on 59, Cuyahoga Falls - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Darby’s on 59 | photo via @dinnerdatecait

Lemongrass Thai Grille

Lemongrass Thai Grille is one of the best Thai eateries in Northeast Ohio. This family-owned restaurant is powered by 30 years of cooking experience. The menu features Thai dumplings, chicken Satay, crispy fried duck, steamed mussels, and Vietnamese-style Pho, as well as a variety of curries.

Lyla’s Family Restaurant

Lyla’s Family Restaurant is located in nearby Cuyahoga Falls. The eatery serves Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, as well as American-style comfort dishes. Diners can choose between U.S. favorites (like omelets or steak) or Middle Eastern dishes (like shawarma and baba ganoosh). 

Darby's on 59, Cuyahoga Falls - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Darby’s on 59 | photo via @dinnerdatecait

Darby’s on 59

Darby’s on 59 is a high-end gastropub featuring American comfort food from local sources. Diners can sit in the pub or on the outside patio to enjoy craft beer, cocktails, and menu favorites like filet mignon sliders and calamari. Darby’s is definitely all about style plus comfort!

Butcher & Sprout

If you love gourmet food in a relaxed setting, Butcher & Sprout is the perfect place for dinner. Diners can play yard games on the patio or watch a game inside while enjoying their meals. Choose from the high-end appetizer menu or the extensive burger menu. Then, finish it off with something sweet.

Where to Stay Near Munroe Falls Metro Park

To experience everything at Munroe Falls Metro Park and beyond, consider staying for at least a few days. The area features several lodging options, from hotels to campgrounds.

Cuyahoga Valley Inn, Richfield - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Cuyahoga Valley Inn | photo via Cuyahoga Valley Inn

Cuyahoga Valley Inn

Cuyahoga Valley Inn is a stunning historical building located in the heart of the Richfield Ohio Historical Village District. Here, visitors can stay in one of four rooms, each decorated in a unique style. Despite the vintage setting, all the rooms have modern amenities — smart TVs, coffee makers, and Wi-Fi.

Akron Chic Studio Rental

When it comes to unique vacation rentals, Munroe Falls offers every experience imaginable, from luxury to modern to historic. Then there’s this studio that manages to combine all three. Dating from 1927, it has been renovated into an upscale space just a short distance from downtown.

Rocking Horse Inn, Ravenna - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Rocking Horse Inn | photo via Rocking Horse Inn

Rocking Horse Inn

Rocking Horse Inn was once a Victorian mansion built in 1867. These days, it’s a charming place for travelers to stay while enjoying the antique decor and fascinating history. Guests get a complimentary breakfast before heading out for the day, and downtown is only two blocks away!

Countryside Campgrounds

If you prefer to go camping on your vacation, there are many great campgrounds near Munroe Falls Metro Park. Countryside Campgrounds is one of the best, offering a quiet, family-friendly place to rest while still close to area attractions. Visitors can rent a cabin or cottage or hook up an RV.

Countryside Campgrounds, Mogadore - Munroe Falls Metro Park
Countryside Campgrounds | photo via Countryside Campgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions About Munroe Falls Metro Park

Can you swim at Munroe Falls?

Munroe Falls has offered swimming for decades, but as of 2022, the park board voted to close the swimming areas. It cited low attendance and difficulty maintaining lifeguard staff, partially due to the recent pandemic.

It’s unclear whether or not this will be a permanent change.

How many metro parks are in Summit County Ohio?

Summit County is home to a stunning 16 metro parks that encompass 15,000 acres. The parks offer more than 150 miles of hiking trails, including a portion of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

Also, there are many other attractions, from lakes to ponds, nature centers, playgrounds, and more.

Discover Everything You Can at Munroe Falls Metro Park

If you love to explore nature, you can’t miss visiting Munroe Falls Metro Park. It has something for everyone and every interest in every season, making it an unmissable spot on your next family (or solo) vacation.

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