Men’s fashion: ditch the sneakers and the logo shirts

I’m going to take a moment to brag on my husband.  I’ve seen a lot of men trudging around Europe with their wives in white tennis shoes, logo t-shirts and baseball caps.  While this is fine for at home, in Europe you look very American, very touristy and very silly.  Maybe you aren’t aware that when you wear that outfit, you might as well wear a logo shirt that says, “I love to be pick-pocketed.”

My husband and I like to look presentable, and not stick out like a sore thumb.  It’s really not that hard.   Instead of packing all t-shirts and medium colored denim, pack the button downs, the dark jeans and the dark shoes.  You can find great pairs of comfortable men’s walking shoes, that don’t look like white running shoes.  Take for example, this pair of Teva Clifton Creek Slip-ons.  They’re comfortable, they look good and you don’t look like you’re getting ready for a track meet.

One of the highlights for us was when we were on a Spanish airline and two flight attendants spoke to us in Spanish.  We said, “no hablo Espanol.”  We felt good that we didn’t look American… that we could have been mistaken for being European.  Not that we’re not proud to be American, but we’d rather not broadcast that all over.  We don’t want to walk in a room and someone go, “Oh god…there’s a loud, brightly colored American who thinks they own the place.”  I’d rather someone just pay no attention when I walk in.

On another note, maybe for men it shouldn’t matter what you wear, but most women do care.  Remember, the pictures from this Europe trip are going to plastered all over the house, in numerous picture books and all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Why not look the best?

Below are some examples of outfits he’s chosen to wear.  I love that he seems to really look the part.

Don’t mind the letter to the police, we just got in a little fender bender in the UK in our rental car!


A little nap in the Lake District


Doesn’t he look like a sailor?


And a little rustic with his green jacket?


Everyone was wearing those colored shades.  He actually bought them in Spain.


Enjoying the sun.


Looking very dark in Paris.  He looks French here, minus the smile.  Just kidding.


When in Florida… dress like a pirate.


Simple look, but doesn’t stand out.
You can do it, guys.  Just pick some dark colors and some cool shades and you can look this good, too.
I’d like to apologize to my husband who quite possibly might be embarrassed by this post.  However, if I can’t embarrass my husband on my own blog, then what’s the point of having one?


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