How to keep making the same travel mistakes

Do you want to keep making the same mistakes over and over?  Do you like to read advice, and then do the opposite?   Do you like to learn the hard way…. again and again?  If so, this article is for you.  Because apparently, I love to do that.  I’ve discovered I’m really good about writing about how to avoid mistakes.  Actually not making them, though?  Not good at that.

So allow me to share with you all the mistakes I made in one weekend.  Maybe you won’t be as stupid as me and keep making them!

1. Always pack base layers when traveling in the winter.  You know those nice warm layers that go underneath your clothes?  You know the ones that take up next to NO space, and fit wonderfully in your carry-on, but mean that you fill feel toasty when it’s frigid out?  Yes, those ones.  Always pack them.  I decided “it will be OK.  We’ll only be outside for a little bit.”  The best part about this is when you couple it with not understanding how to read metro signs, meant that I would be standing outside on an open platform for 40 minutes with just a coat and a pair of thin leggings on while the cold wind blew directly on me.  I blame the metro delays for making me stand out there for so long; I blame myself for KNOWING better and avoiding my own advice.  Well, lesson learned.  I hope I can just not make this one again.

2. Always do your research ahead of time before sightseeing.  That way you don’t figure out how to get somewhere, walk half a block in the cold just to read a sign that says “Museum closed for maintenance.”  Awesome.  If I had read ahead of time, or called, or even just asked… I wouldn’t have been disappointed.  I was looking forward to seeing the booth where Abraham Lincoln was shot.  Oh well.  Next time, I guess!  (As you can see, I chose the feature image of this article as the exterior of the building.  I don’t have any interior shots.. obviously.)  

3. Always pay attention to metro directions, and get on the correct line.  It took us 25 minutes to realize we were on the wrong train.  Our first clue was that none of the stops looked familiar.  Our second clue was seeing a map.  Our third clue was reading the map and seeing that all the stops are on a different line.  Our fourth clue was to ask someone “what line is this?”  Our fifth clue was to sit there and wonder what to do next.  Despite all the “clues” we remained rather clueless.  Again, always pay attention.

4.  Always pack a pair of slip-on shoes or flip flops for getting around the hotel and using the pool.  Well… oops.

Have you made any travel mistakes lately?

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