Hosting a travel party

A great way to get the buzz going about your next trip is to host a travel party.  One of my guest writers, Heidi Papworth, hosted one and invited my husband and I to present “tips for traveling” for a few guests.  Each guest was planning a trip to a different European country.  We shared travel stories and other things we’ve learned to make the most of the trip.  It can be a great way to get the buzz going about your next trip or even bounce ideas off some of your fellow traveling friends.

If you’re interested in throwing a travel party, consider these few tips to make it a fun time for all:

1. Invite people who want to talk travel.  Usually travelers love talking about their upcoming trips or their past experiences.  Make sure to invite people who want to share ideas and want to learn from one another.

2.  Provide “trip-centric”food.  Heidi asked each of us which country we wanted to attend and she looked up a specialty snack from each country.  She printed out tags with the country’s flag and wrote down what the dish was.  This was a fun way to enjoy one another’s trips and opened up discussions about food and travel.

3.  Make sure there is some sort of presentation, movie or travelogue to watch.  It’s important not just to have guests share about their trips, but that your guests walk away more informed about traveling than they were when they first showed up.  Either invite each person so share some tips or funny travel stories where they learned something or play a traveling show/movie.  You could ask a friend whose great at packing to get a demonstration on how they pack light and things they do/don’t pack.  There are always new things to learn, either from one another or an expert.

4.  Show and tell.  It’s fun to show off some of the new travel gadgets that are available.  Maybe that’s a new camera, packing cubes, camping gear, moisture-wicking clothing, etc.  Have each guest bring their favorite new travel-related gear purchase, or even consider putting together a slide show of new items to show guests.  

5.  Bring the pictures.  Another way to engage is to have your guests bring some photographs from their last trip to share with others.  This can be a great ice-breaker for guests who may not know each other, or even just something to put on the coffee table and browse at their leisure.

6.  Of course, have travel-themed decor.  Nothing sets the mood for travel more than maps, globes and suitcases.  Have fun with decorating the house with travel-themed items, and play music that inspires you to get out your passport and catch a flight.

Have you ever hosted a travel party?  Would you be excited if you were invited to one?

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