Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide (under $10)

I love stockings.  They’re filled with all of my favorite little items.  If you have traveling friends and families, take a look at some of these awesome little items to go in stockings, or buy a few and make a little gift bag!  If they love travel, they’ll love these.

Please note: all the images contain links to Amazon for the item.

Stocking Stuffers under $10

How to be Your Own Travel Agent- Paperback $6.99 

Of course my book is a great stocking stuffer!  But, not only that, you will get it ON SALE!!!

From now, through Christmas, the paperback costs only $6.99!  It’s been SLASHED from $9.99.  This book is the perfect size for a stocking, and makes a great item to go with any of the other items I suggest throughout this guide.  So buy these up now when they’re discounted!  (Or go for the eBook which is only $4.99).  I actually just paid $7 for a Starbucks latte at the airport, so $6.99 is pretty cheap if you ask me!

Just a note, this book is more than just “trip planning” it also includes tips for how to save for a trip and how to budget for a trip.  If you have someone you’re shopping for that has always said, “I would love to travel, but I just can’t afford it” then this would be a great gift for them!

Go Tubbs- $7.99.  These are fantastic for putting lotions, creams and liquid items in.  I use them on every trip!

Compression Bags- $7.  These are great for packing bulky items like a coat.

Zipper Envelopes- $8.99.  These are great for organization.  I use these so I can have a snack bag, toiletry bag, first-aid bag, etc.

Small electronics organizer- $8.99.  These are great to keep all the items together in one area, instead of strewn around your bag.

Passport Wallet- $7.99.  This makes it simple to have your passport, other IDs and credit cards all in one space.

Inflatable airplane pillow- $9.99.  These babies cost like $40 at the airport, so it’s good to get them now!

Yes to Coconut Wipes – $5.  These are my favorite wipes ever.  I use them camping and on long flights.

Quart-size bag- $7.99.  You have to have a clear quart-size bag for your liquids when you’re flying.  This one is reusable, which makes it perfect.

Collapsible water bottle – $9.99.  Save yourself $1,000 by using this and filling up at the water fountain, instead of buying overpriced water bottles at the airport.


Fold-up tote large tote bag – $5.  I always bring a fold-up tote bag, whether that’s a convertible backpack tote or just a regular tote.  It makes packing for day trips a lot easier!

Blanket scarf- $10.  A blanket scarf is perfect for the airport, car rides, as a picnic blanket or even a bathing suit wrap at hotel pools.  Lots of possibilities!

Hang-up toiletry bag- $10.  I really like hanging my toiletry bag up in the bathroom, it really helps you stay organized!

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