Hocking Hills getaway

Dubbed “Southeastern Ohio’s Scenic Wonderland”, the Hocking Hills are a great destination in Ohio.  If you’re from Columbus, it’s hard to beat the 1-hr drive.  We went a few weekends ago to enjoy the fall foliage.  Even though it wasn’t quite peak yet, we still had a great time.

Glenlaurel Inn

This place was dreamy.  It’s pricey, but our room came with a fireplace, private hot-tub and a three-course breakfast.  When we walked in our room, there was Celtic music playing that really set the mood.  The weather was a little iffy, but the wind was blowing leaves around and it felt so cozy to have a fire.

We did the six-course dinner which was amazing!  Jared had the duck, and I had the beef tenderloin.  I came here for a wedding when I was young, and I remember the potato-leek soup being the best soup I ever had.  I’ve never forgotten that soup, and to my surprise, they had it on the menu the night we showed up.  I couldn’t believe it!  I also couldn’t believe that it was as delicious as I remember.

The grounds did have a beautiful hiking trail with a gorge.  We walked around and were discussing the possibility of finding land in Ohio like this to buy.  It was just that beautiful.

They don’t have internet or TV, but they do have a selection of DVDs you can check out and watch in your room!  We took advantage of this.  (Because you know, can’t be without electronics for 24 hours, that’s just CRAZY!)

Hocking Hills Scenic Air Tours

About 30 minutes from Glenlaurel is a tiny airport called Vinton County.  Here, we met our pilot, Harry Sowers, for a 45-minute scenic ride to get some aerial views of Hocking Hills (which including Old Man’s Cave)  The tour was gorgeous (and we couldn’t have asked for better weather).  The ride was $80 a person, and very worth it!  If you have a sensitive stomach like I do, I would suggest some Dramamine.  It’s a little nauseating on such a tiny plane.  However, the take-offs and landings were extremely smooth.  It was definitely an adventure!

So the question I have for you is, when are you going to go!?

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