Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio

10+ Great Hale Farm and Village Activities & Visitor Tips

If you’re a history buff, there’s nothing better than taking a trip to a historical property. The National Register of Historic Places lists more than 90,000 properties that are recognized for their culture, history, and much more.

In Ohio, Hale Farm and Village is one of these historic places, and it’s part of the Cleveland-based Western Reserve Historical Society. If you want to take a trip back in time to see what life was like in a simpler era, it’s definitely worth going to this historic destination.

About Hale Farm and Village

Hale Farm was originally the homestead and family farm of Jonathan Hale, a farmer from Connecticut who migrated to the Western Reserve in the early 1800s. The Hale home may look grand and majestic, but it was built with hard work in mind.

Hale’s family lived and worked on the land for more than 100 years. In 1958, it was opened by the historical society after receiving the property from a descendant. Then, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 as the Jonathan Hale Homestead.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @therainbowdressproject

Reenactments at Wheatfield

Half of Hale Farm & Village is an outdoor living history museum, which is in a village of historic buildings called Wheatfield. The actors who are on-location use third-person interpretation, which offers information about the past while acknowledging the present.

Each year, the actors at Wheatfield move forward one year and reenact that time frame. This continues until the actors reach 1865, at which point they revert to 1861 the next year.

Nineteenth-Century Era Demonstrations

The other half of Hale Farm and Village offers demonstrations of 19th-century life and trades of the era, including glass blowing, woodworking, and broom and brick making.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @halefarmandvillage

What You’ll See at Hale Farm & Village

At this living history museum, you’ll see 19th-century life with 32 historical structures, farm animals, gardens, and craft and trade demonstrations.

Walking through the farm and village, you’ll feel the heat from the kiln of a glassblower, smell freshly cut wood from the wood-making shop, and hear the strikes of a blacksmith’s hammer.

Among the collection of structures are a church, craft shops, a law office, and a log schoolhouse. The farmhouse teaches you about Jonathan Hale and his family.

Meanwhile, the surrounding buildings reinforce the importance of civic and religious participation at the time. The church, as an example, shows the importance of religion in everyday life. The land office teaches you about the area’s financial history and immigration.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @halefarmandvillage

Signature Events at Hale Farm and Village

One of the coolest parts about visiting this living history museum is the special events that take place each season. The property alone is quite an experience, but its special events are extraordinary and really highlight some of Ohio’s best attributes.

Hale Farm After Dark Series

Every third Thursday from May to October, Hale Farm After Dark connects modern life with 19th-century history. The series pairs local breweries and wineries with the farm’s Food Trucks on the Farm event.

Opening Weekend Celebration

This June event kicks off the 2022 summer season at the farm and promises plenty of activity. In addition to historic sites, artisan demonstrations, and heritage animals, there will be a special immersive experience. There will also be live performances throughout the village.

Hands-on Hale Family Learning Days

As a living history museum, Hale Farm is all about providing immersive experiences that the whole family can enjoy. The Hands-on days take the immersive experiences to the next level with specialty experiences, workshops, and community partner activities.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @kellybornsop

Feathers & Fur on the Farm

This specialty experience is a great way to meet the village’s farm animals and learn about the furry and feathery animals that live in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Sow and Grow Pollinator Festival & Plant Sale

This June event encourages you to enjoy the sights and sounds of spring as you explore the farm and village. During your visit, community partners will discuss the historic and modern-day benefits of local natural resources and the importance of supporting native plants and wildlife.

You can even take a piece of the farm home with you during the annual plant sale, which offers a variety of plants that are grown on site.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @kellybornsop

Music in the Valley Folk & Wine Festival

Few things are better in the summertime than a live music festival. This event allows you to sample some of the Buckeye State’s best wine while listening to some great live music.

Immersive experiences and demonstrations bring the Hale family’s history to life through music. You can also learn about the history of wine and cheese in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Civil War Weekend & Reenactment

Every year, thousands of enthusiastic visitors and reenactors gather at Hale Farm and Village for one of the most popular events of the summer. Believe it or not, it’s the largest Civil War reenactment in Ohio.

You can see the reenactment up close and meet soldiers, calvary, and other figures from one of the most important, yet complicated, chapters in our nation’s history.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @halefarmandvillage

Made in Ohio Arts & Crafts Festival

Festivals are fun, but folks who are out and about in the fall love a good crafts fair too. This September event celebrates Ohio artisans, local entertainment, and food, as well as all that Hale Farm & Village has to offer.

Nearly 200 potters, carvers, jewelry artists, lotion makers, quilters, and more are on hand for the event. So, there’s plenty to see, plenty to do, and plenty to buy!

Other Events

There are even more signature events that you can experience at this historic farm. For instance, Maple Sugar Days in March is one of the best spring activities in Northeast Ohio, along with many other maple syrup festivities.

Additionally, you can enjoy the Harvest Festival and All Hale’s Eve in October, as well as Harvest & History Day & Dinner in November.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @kellybornsop

The Hale Farm & Village Marketplace

If you can’t make it to Hale Farm and Village in person, or if you want to buy some of the village’s wares, you can easily do so online. Hale Farm has an Etsy page where you can find all kinds of fantastic handmade and homemade items.

You can add some delicious items to your pantry, such as pancake mix, raw honey, and pure maple syrup. Or, you can buy a new handmade clay mug, a blown glass ornament, or a colorful handmade wine glass.

Hale’s offerings are very affordable and make great gifts if you’re looking to buy something special for a loved one or friend.

Hale Farm & Village - Bath, Ohio
Hale Farm & Village | photo via @halefarmandvillage

Hale Farm and Village Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hale Farm and Village?

Hale Farm and Village is located at 2686 Oak Hill Rd in Bath Ohio. It’s about 10 minutes from downtown Akron and 25 miles from downtown Cleveland. If you punch the address into your GPS, though, use Peninsula Ohio 44264.

When is Hale Farm and Village open?

Hale Farm and Village is open June through August on Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as September through October on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The property is also open for events and educational programs the rest of the year, but it’s closed on major holidays.

How much does it cost to visit Hale Farm and Village?

Children 2 and under as well as WRHS members and active military are admitted to the farm for free. Tickets for children aged 3-12 are $6, while admission for adults is $15.

Where can I find more information about Hale Farm and Village?

You can read all about Hale Farm and Village and check out some of its unique demonstrations on YouTube.

Plan Your Visit to Hale Farm and Village Today

If you’ve ever wondered what life was like in another era, Hale Farm and Village is the perfect place to see for yourself just how different things were. At the Jonathan Hale Homestead, you’ll be transported into the middle of a piece of living history with artisans and animals, unique demonstrations, and so much more.

Whether you visit for one of the farm’s many special events or you plan a visit to explore the farm and village, Hale Farm and Village is a truly unique experience you won’t soon forget. It makes sense for it to be one of the best family vacation spots in Ohio.

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