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10+ Dublin Parks in Ohio Where You Can Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Dublin Ohio is just a few minutes away from Columbus, making this community a suburban haven for those who want to enjoy a quieter existence than one that can be found in the midst of the city. Not only is the community known for its peaceful charm, but the many Dublin parks have made it famous.

In fact, there are more than 1,500 acres of designated park space around the city, accounting for more than 60 parks. Each space is unique in its own way, offering beautiful views, interactive amenities, and state-of-the-art features.

Exploring Dublin parks is one of the best things to do in Dublin Ohio!

Top 10 Dublin Ohio Parks

Coffman Park

Coffman Park, located at 5200 Emerald Parkway, is one of the largest and most well-known Dublin parks in the community. It’s the site of the infamous Dublin Irish Festival and is home to one of the largest playgrounds in the city.

Ballantrae Community Park

Found on Woerner Temple Rd, Ballantrae Park is one of the most unique Dublin parks. It has a massive water fountain playground, which is open seasonally during the summer. Children from across the community come to run around, cool off, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Ballantrae Community Park, Dublin - Dublin Parks
Ballantrae Community Park | photo via @jaunting.jules

Glacier Ridge Metropark

Glacier Ridge Metropark is a 150-acre park in the northwest corner of Dublin on Hyland-Croy Rd. It consists of a preserved wetland area, and guests often immediately notice the on-site wind turbine.

There are boardwalks at this Dublin park, as well as 11 miles of walking trails that allow visitors to experience the wetlands for themselves.

Glacier Ridge Metropark, Dublin - Dublin Parks
Glacier Ridge Metropark | photo via @pinarello13

Nando’s Dog Park

Wanting to appeal to all of its residents, including the four-legged ones, Nando’s Dog Park was established in Dublin as the first of its kind in the city. Found within Darree Fields Park on Cosgray Rd, it has a designated space for dogs of all sizes to socialize and play together.

Dublin Veterans Park

Dublin Veterans Park is situated in the heart of historic Dublin on North High Street. It’s a small, 1-acre park that features the beloved Grounds of Remembrance memorial to honor all of those who served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Amberleigh Community Park

There are many playgrounds to explore throughout Dublin but none are quite as inviting and interesting as those at Amberleigh Community Park. Located on Carrigan Ridge Dr, it boasts an imaginative playground with a tiny play village. Kids of all ages can easily spend hours pretending and playing with friends.

Amberleigh Community Park, Dublin - Dublin Parks
Amberleigh Community Park | photo via @geoffkunkler

Dublin Skate Park

Those who want to roller skate, in-line skate, and skateboard in Dublin can head to the Dublin Skate Park, which is located on Perimeter Dr. This innovative park includes half-pipes, ramps, and other obstacles, making it the perfect place for young children, tweens, and teens to enjoy a beautiful Ohio day.

Donegal Cliffs Park

Located off Dunleary Dr, Donegal Cliffs Park offers all of the typical park amenities, such as basketball and tennis courts and winding walking paths that can be used by bicyclists. In addition, it offers riverfront access, making it a park that’s both entertaining and beautiful at the same time.

Avery Park

Avery Park is the place where kids can go to play the sports that they love. Located on Avery Rd, it has baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, and soccer fields.

But that’s not all! This park also features an eye-catching public art installation that includes seven larger-than-life soccer balls. You won’t want to miss your chance to grab a snapshot at this popular photo spot in Dublin Ohio.

Avery Park, Dublin - Dublin Parks
Avery Park | photo via @noahpitzeraerials

Scioto Park

On Riverside Dr, Scioto Park is a community gathering place that’s beloved by locals and visitors alike, particularly during the summer when the outdoor concert series is held at this park. It’s a peaceful place with riverfront views, and the playground makes it a popular spot among young visitors.

Scioto Park may be most famous for the art installation that’s located on the grounds. The Chief Leatherlips memorial is a 12-foot stone art installation that pays homage to a Native American leader.

More Dublin Parks to Explore

While these are some of the most frequented Dublin OH parks, it’s important to keep in mind that there are more than 60 different parks and recreational areas in the community. This Dublin park Ohio guide will help you pick the next best place to spend a leisurely day in the city.

Ballgriffin Park

Located on Norn St, Ballgriffin Park is an 11-acre park that features a playground, a shelter and picnic area, and a bike path. It also has basketball courts and tennis courts.

Those who love to play disc golf will find a course at Balgriffin Park too. And, there’s a designated fishing area.

Brandon Park

Brandon Park can be found on Brandonway Dr. It’s a spacious, 22-acre park with a peaceful atmosphere, and it has a nature area, pond, and walking and bicycle path.

Brighton Commons Park

This beautiful park is located on Richgrove Ln and is a neighborhood park that features a fun playground for children.

M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve, Dublin - Dublin Parks
M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve | photo via @mmramz

Bristol Commons Park

Also known as Bristol Park & Gardens, this is a neighborhood park located on Bristol Pkwy. It has a playground and a charming gazebo, as well as a fishing pond and bicycle path.

Campden Lakes Park

As one of the smallest Dublin parks in the community, Campden Lakes Park is an intimate and peaceful destination where bikers can cycle on a path. It can be found on Campden Lake Blvd.

Coventry Woods Park

Found on Coventry Woods Dr, this park includes a playground, bicycle path, and shade shelter for people to relax in as they watch their little ones play.

Darree Fields Park

Located on Cosgray Rd, Darree Fields Park is one of the largest Dublin parks. Spanning more than 150 acres, it’s perhaps most famous for being the home of the Miracle League Field.

Also, it has additional ball diamonds and athletic fields, as well as public restrooms, a nature area, a picnic area, and a public art display.

Avery Park, Dublin - Dublin Parks
Avery Park | photo via @noahpitzeraerials

Kiwanis Riverway Park

Situated along the Scioto River on Riverside Dr, this park has a quaint walking path and offers water access. There are designated fishing areas within the park too.

Dublinshire Greenway

The Dublinshire Greenway can be found in the Sheffield Meadows neighborhood. This park includes a nature area, specialty gardens, a bicycle path, and a playground for children.

Earlington Park

Earlington Park is one of the most beloved Dublin parks among the community. Located on Dublinshire Dr, this 23-acre park has swimming pools, a water play area, athletic fields, a bicycle path, and a fishing area. It’s a favorite among local families during the warm summer months.

Emerald Fields Park

With more than 30 acres, Emerald Fields Park offers plenty of space for residents to enjoy the great outdoors. This park, on Wyandott Woods Blvd., has a shelter house and playground, as well as convenient on-site parking.

M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve, Dublin - Dublin Parks
M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve | photo via @mmramz

Sam & Eulalia Frantz Park

It’s easy to overlook this tiny 2-acre park, which is located on Rings Rd. However, it’s worth a visit to see the unique public art display.

Hawks’ Nest Park

Located on Kestrel Way W, Hawks’ Nest Park has a playground, basketball court, and bicycle path to enjoy.

Heather Glen Park

Anyone who’s searching for a spacious, quiet park will enjoy Heather Glen Park on Heather Glen Blvd. This 20-acre park has a winding path, nature area, and playground.

Heather Glen North Park

Heather Glen North Park is a smaller park in Dublin that can be found on Innovation Ct. It may only be about 5 acres in size, but it still has a fishing area, playground, and bicycle path, as well as a picnic shelter.

Indian Run Falls

One of the most picturesque Dublin OH parks, Indian Run Falls can be discovered on Shawan Falls Dr. It has a walking path, overlooks, and boardwalks that allow you to see the falls for yourself.

Indian Run Falls | photo via @shannonkelly3541

Indian Run Meadows Park

This park, which is located on Fallen Timbers Dr, is a 30-acre park in Dublin that features specialty gardens, a bicycle path, a fishing area, a nature preserve, and a playground.

Indian Run Meadows Park, Dublin - Dublin Parks
Indian Run Meadows Park | photo via @andreead1407

Killilea Park

On McDevitt Dr, Killilea Park is a favorite among youngsters with energy to burn because it features not only a playground but also an open play area.

Llewellyn Farms Park

For those searching for a Dublin park Ohio where they can stay active, look no further than Llewellyn Farms Park. This park on Tuttle Rd has basketball and tennis courts, as well as a biking path and play area for kids.

Monterey Park

Spanning just less than 4 acres, Monterey Park is another park with many fun-filled features, including a basketball court, tennis court, and playground. Parking is located off Monterey Dr on Clover Ln.

Monterey Park, Dublin - Dublin Parks
Monterey Park | photo via @columbus_moms

Sandy Corner Park

Located on Pirthshire St, this park is a typical Dublin park Ohio with a bicycle path, playground, and shelter.

Scottish Corners Park

Scottish Corners Park can be found on Sells Mill Dr, and it’s a popular spot among families with children who are involved in sports. The sports park has several athletic fields, as well as a playground and picnic shelter.

Shannon Glen Park

With a beautiful gazebo and playground that’s perfect for kids of all ages, residents can often be found relaxing and enjoying their free time at Shannon Glen Park. On Shannon Glen Blvd, this park also has a bicycle path and an open play area.

Stonefield Park

Stonefield Park on Earlington Pkwy is one of the smaller Dublin parks, but it’s no less memorable. It has a playground, bicycle path, and shelter.

M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve

This spacious nature preserve on Post Rd has plenty of room to roam. Boasting more than 70 acres, it has a fishing area, bicycle path, and historical information on site.

M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve, Dublin - Dublin Parks
M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve | photo via @mmramz

Trinity Park

Between Rings Rd and Sandymount Dr, this is a neighborhood park that features a bicycle path, playground, and basketball court.

Wedgewood Hills Park

Wedgewood Hills Park can be found at the end of Sandwich Ct, and it’s known for its many non-stocked ponds. Also, it has a bicycle path and playground for visitors to enjoy.

Wellington Park

Wellington Park is one of the larger Dublin parks with more than 22 acres of land. Located on Coventry Woods Dr, it has a nature area and fishing spot, as well as a walking path, playground, and picnic shelter.

Westbury Park

Westbury Park, which is located on Wareham Dr, sets itself apart from other Dublin OH parks with an iconic windmill. In addition to having a bicycle path and hiking trails, this park has bridle trails for those who want to go horseback riding.

M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve, Dublin - Dublin Parks
M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve | photo via @mmramz

Woods of Brighton Park

With a charming gazebo and enjoyable playground, Woods of Brighton Park is a favorite neighborhood park in Dublin. It’s located on Brighton Hill Ln near Trinity Park.

Woods of Indian Run

Boasting more than 15 acres of land, Woods of Indian Run is a peaceful park where people can walk along a quiet trail. It’s located on Forrest Run Dr.

List of All Dublin OH Parks With an Interactive Map

Sometimes, it’s not enough to have a list of all the parks in Dublin Ohio. Sometimes you just want to find a “Dublin OH park near me.” Our interactive map of Dublin parks is here to help you do just that!

  • Amberleigh Community Park
  • Avery Park
  • Balgriffin Park
  • Ballantrae Community Park
  • Belvedere Park
  • Bishop’s Run Park
  • Brandon Park
  • Brighton Commons Park
  • Bristol Commons Park
  • Bryson Cove Open Space
  • Campden Lakes Park
  • Coffman Park
  • Coventry Woods Park
  • Dalmore Park
  • Darree Fields Park
  • Donegal Cliffs Park
  • Dublin Spring Park
  • Dublin Veterans Park
  • Dublinshire Greenway
  • Earlington Park
  • Emerald Fields
  • Emerald Parkway Bridge River Access
  • Ferris-Wright Park
  • Hawk’s Nest Park
  • Heather Glen Park
  • Heather Glen North Park
  • Hutchins Open Space
  • Indian Run Falls Park
  • Indian Run Meadows Park
  • Karrer Barn Open Space
  • Kendall Ridge Park
  • Killilea Park
  • Kiwanis Riverway Park
  • Llewellyn Farms Park
  • Llewellyn Farms South Park
  • Martin Commons Park
  • ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve
  • Monterey Park
  • Park Place Park
  • Post Preserve Park
  • Riverside Crossing Park
  • Sam & Eulalia Frantz Park
  • Sandy Corners Park
  • Scioto Park
  • Scottish Corners Park
  • Shannon Glen Park
  • Shier-Rings Park
  • Smily Park
  • Stonefield Park
  • Tartan Ridge Park
  • Tartan West
  • Ted Kaltenbach Park
  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park
  • Trinity Park
  • Wedgewood Glen Park
  • Wedgewood Hills Park
  • Wellington Park
  • Westbury Park
  • Woods of Brighton Park
  • Woods of Indian Run
  • Wyndham Park

To learn more about the amenities offered at each of these Dublin city parks, click here.

Explore More of What Dublin Ohio Has to Offer

Despite its size compared to nearby Columbus in Central Ohio, Dublin has a lot to offer locals and visitors alike. In addition to 60 Dublin parks, there are tons of Dublin things to do and places to stay in Dublin. And, we recommend treating yourself to a meal at one of the best Dublin restaurants.

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