32 Most Picturesque Covered Bridges in Ohio

With at least 135 covered bridges in Ohio, taking the time to enjoy some of them can be a beautiful day trip the family enjoys together. In fact, covered bridge tours provide the opportunity to visit a handful in one day. Here’s a look at the most picturesque Ohio covered bridges to get you started.

Ashtabula County | photo via @jaunting.jules

Gorgeous Northwest Ohio Covered Bridges

Lockport Covered Bridge

22598-22500 County Rd I-25, Stryker, OH 43557

The current Lockport Bridge was constructed in 1999 to recreate the 1871 bridge over the Tiffin River. At 167 feet long and 30 feet wide, the bridge was designed and built using federal funding with historical techniques according to modern standards for the construction of bridges.

Lockport Covered Bridge | photo via @williams_aerial

Mull Covered Bridge

1515 Country Rd 9, Freemont, OH 43420

This 100-foot long wooden Town truss-style bridge was built to provide access to the Mull sawmill over Wolf Creek. It closed in 1962 and was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. This Ohio covered bridge is the last one surviving in Sandusky County. 

Mull Covered Bridge | photo via @lits_lft

Wildwood Covered Bridge

Springbrook Regional Bikeway Connector, Toledo, OH 43615

Located in the Wildwood Preserve in Toledo, this 60-foot bridge over the Ottawa River isn’t a historic structure. It wasn’t constructed until 2001. However, that doesn’t affect its popularity with those who use the all-purpose walking and biking trail.

Magnificent Covered Bridges in Southwest Ohio

Germantown Covered Bridge

Little Twin Rd, Germantown, Ohio, 45327

Designed and built by renowned bridge designer David H. Morrison in 1870, this bridge was built in the inverted bowstring truss style. A move to its current location in 1911 for preservation didn’t work. It was destroyed by a drunken driver in 1981 but was rebuilt and converted to a pedestrian bridge. 

Germantown Covered Bridge | photo via @_katieahale_

Harshman Covered Bridge

Concord Fairhaven Road, Eaton, OH 45320

One of only seven covered bridges in Ohio with the Childs truss design structure, this bridge was built in 1894 to span Four Mile Creek on the Concord-Fairhaven Road. Named for landowner J.P. Harshman, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. A major restoration took place in 2007/08.

Dixon Branch Bridge

100 Tillman Ln, Lewisburg, OH 45338

Another of only seven Childs truss-style bridges, Dixon Branch Bridge was built in 1887. It originally spanned Dixon Branch and was severely damaged in 1963. In 1964, it was relocated to Civitan Park, where it remains to this day as a shelter house. 

Roberts Covered Bridge

315 South Beech St, Eaton, OH 45302

The oldest covered bridge in Ohio, this Roberts bridge was built in 1829. It’s one of only six double-barrel, truss-designed bridges surviving in the United States. Constructed on Orlistus Roberts’ land from local poplar, oak, and beech, it was vandalized in 1986, then moved and repaired in 1990.

Roberts Covered Bridge | photo via @beijinghatten

Otway Covered Bridge

341 Curtis Smith Rd, Otway, OH 45657

The last surviving covered bridge in Scioto County, the Otway bridge was constructed in 1874 in the Smith truss style. Rescued from demolition in 1963, the bridge was renovated by the village in 1974, but it was only a temporary fix. A full restoration was performed from 2012 to 2014.

Otway Covered Bridge | photo via @barbieinohio

Bergstresser/Dietz Bridge

627 Washington Street, Canal Winchester, OH 43110

This pine and oak Partridge truss bridge was constructed over Little Walnut Creek in 1887 and has a span of 134 feet. It’s the last remaining covered bridge in Franklin County and is only open to foot traffic. 

Eldean Covered Bridge

Corner of North County Road 25A and Eldean Road, Troy, OH 45373

Formerly known as Allen’s Mill Bridge, the Eldean Bridge dates from 1860 and is constructed with two spans in what is known as the Long truss structural design invented by Col. Stephen Long. It’s the longest of the Long truss bridges in the United States at 224 feet.

Eldean Covered Bridge | photo via @jet_set_shari

19th Century Covered Bridges in Southeast Ohio

Hune Covered Bridge

State Route 26, Reno, OH 45773

Currently closed to traffic, this historic bridge will likely be moved to preserve it. It crosses the Little Muskingum River. Constructed in the Long truss style in 1879 with yellow poplar from the adjacent Hune farm, the total length of the bridge is 164 feet. 

Hune Covered Bridge | photo via @weegiexr

Rinard Bridge

Ohio Route 26, Matamoras, OH 45767

Named for the Rinard family whose land it was built on in 1876, Rinard Bridge is constructed in the Smith truss style. It was swept off its piers in 2004 by flooding from Hurricane Ivan and rebuilt in 2006.

Rinard Bridge | photo via @stevenjtoole

Charles Holliday Bridge

2905 Chautauqua Boulevard, Millersport, OH 43046

This 98-foot covered bridge in Ohio was constructed in 1897 in the king post truss style. It was relocated in 1982 from its location crossing Walnut Creek to the festival grounds in Millersport. Now, it’s only a pedestrian bridge.

Stemen House Bridge (Estate Bridge)

11876 Woodbridge Lane Northwest, Baltimore, Ohio 43105

This pretty little bridge began its life in 1888 with a 72-foot span over Sycamore Creek in the Howe truss bridge style. Today, it’s in Covered Bridge Estates, where it was moved in 1978. Although half its original size now, it’s the only covered bridge in the county that allows vehicle traffic.

McCleery-Walter Covered Bridge

Fairfield Heritage Trail, Lancaster, OH 43130

Builder Jacob R. “Blue Jeans” Brandt built the first of his covered bridges in Ohio in 1864 over Walnut Creek. Named McCleery Bridge for a nearby family, it’s the oldest covered bridge in the county and was saved by Jim and Jane Walter, thus the current name. Moved twice, it survives to be appreciated. 

George Hutchins Covered Bridge

2805 Old Logan Rd SE, Lancaster, OH 43130

Constructed in 1865 in the multiple king post design, the original location of this 49-foot bridge was across Clear Creek. In 2000, it was reconstructed in Alley Park as part of the Bicentennial Celebration in Fairfield County. 

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

2340 Meister Rd SW, Lancaster, OH 43130

The official name of this bridge is Mink Hollow Bridge Over Arney Run in Oil Mill Hollow Near the Borcher’s Mill, making it the longest in the country. Constructed in 1887 by Jacob R. “Blue Jeans” Brandt with a multiple king post truss and central X brace, it’s 54 feet long with a 7-foot overhang.

Central Ohio Covered Bridges of All Sizes

Sycamore Creek Park Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge Ln, Pickerington, OH 43147

Formerly called the Zeller Smith Covered Bridge, this bridge in Ohio dates from 1906 and was built to traverse Sycamore Creek. It was moved in 1986, and it still crosses the same creek. With the move, it went from a multiple king post truss with arch design to a queen post truss bridge.

Thompson Road Covered Bridge

Thompson Road, Ostrander, OH 43061

The Thompson Road bridge is one of the most modern, having been constructed in 2010. It’s on the location of an earlier bridge that was built in 1881 but destroyed in 1913. The new bridge has two lanes and can handle modern vehicle weight. It was built in the style of local farm buildings.

Thompson Road Covered Bridge | photo via @visitmarysvilleunioncounty

Rock Mill Covered Bridge

1429 Rockmill Rd NW, Lancaster, OH 43130

Jacob R. “Blue Jeans” Brandt built this bridge in 1901. It was his last bridge after a stellar career. In the queen post truss style, Rock Mill bridge is 36.5 feet long and crosses the Hocking River. It’s no longer open to anything but foot traffic but is still a popular photographic site.

Rock Mill Covered Bridge | photo via @jessica_goes_exploring

Hizey Covered Bridge

12549 Toll Gate Road, Pickerington, OH 43147

Built by James W. Buchanan in 1891, this 83-foot bridge was constructed in the Burr truss design. It has been a popular subject for artists and photographers for years. Now located on private property, it can be seen from the public road. 

Spain Creek Covered Bridge

Inskeep-Cratty Rd, Marysville, OH 43040

This unusual covered bridge is the smallest in Union County. It has a bridge-within-a-bridge design. This allows it to rest while the inner bridge bears the weight of traffic. The Spain Creek bridge was built in the 1870s and is 64 feet long.

Bigelow Covered Bridge

Axe Handle Road, Milford Center, OH 43045

Named for Eliphas Bigelow, whose family founded nearby Plains Ohio, Bigelow bridge dates from 1873 and was built by Reuben Partridge. It was renovated in 1990 and repainted in 2008. The bridge is 102 feet long and spans Little Darby Creek.

Bridge of Dreams

15791-, 15799 Main St, Gann, OH 43006

Located on the Mohican Valley Trail, the 370-foot span of the Bridge of Dreams is one of the most picturesque of the covered bridges in Ohio. Dedicated in 1999, this is the second-longest bridge of its kind in the state.

Bridge of Dreams | photo via @chochamu

Striking Covered Bridges in Northeast Ohio

West Liberty Covered Bridge

94 West Liberty Street, Geneva, OH 44041

The West Liberty bridge has often been called the shortest covered bridge in the United States. With an 18-foot span over Cowles Creek, it does seem possible. It was constructed between 2010 and 2011, and it has become a popular local attraction.

West Liberty Street Covered Bridge | photo via @breigh_bee

Harpersfield Covered Bridge

1122 Harpersfield Rd, Geneva, OH 44041

Harpersfield bridge is a historic bridge that combines a wooden span (1868) and a metal span (1913) in the Howe truss bridge style. It’s the third-longest of the covered bridges in Ohio at 228 feet and one of 16 that’s open to vehicle traffic. A walkway added in the 1990s takes you to Harpersfield Metropark.

Harpersfield Covered Bridge | photo via @venture_vibe

Caine Road Bridge

4699 Caine Rd, Jefferson, OH 44047

Constructed in 1986 to celebrate Ashtabula County’s 175th anniversary, the Caine Road covered bridge in Jefferson Township is the first in the state to have the Pratt truss bridge style. Spanning the Ashtabula River for 124 feet, it’s a very attractive addition to Ohio’s bridges.

Caine Road Bridge | photo via @queenofthebridges

State Road Bridge

5882 State Rd, Kingsville, OH 44048

The State Road Bridge is a newer covered bridge built of southern pine and oak in 1983. It includes a 4-foot window that displays the Town lattice design. It’s a drivable bridge that crosses Conneaut Creek for 152 feet. 

Ashtabula County – State Road Bridge | photo via @cowtownchad

Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge

State Rd, Ashtabula, OH 44004

At 613 feet, the Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge is not only Ohio’s longest covered bridge. It’s the longest covered bridge in the United States. Spanning the Ashtabula River, it’s one of the most scenic bridges anywhere and a go-to destination for bridge lovers from all over.

Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge | photo via @harboryak

Benetka Road Covered Bridge

5882 State Rd, Kingsville, OH 44048

Dating from the 1890s, the Benetka Road bridge is a very pretty covered bridge using a lattice truss design with an arch. It spans the Ashtabula River for 138 feet in a single span and is open to vehicle traffic. 

Benetka Road Covered Bridge | photo via @keegangallagherphotography

Newton Falls Covered Bridge

Bridge Street and Arlington Road, Newton Falls, OH 44444

This amazing bridge was constructed in 1831, making it the second oldest in the state. Spanning the Mahoning River for 117 feet, it features the Town lattice truss style and accommodates auto traffic. 

Newton Falls Covered Bridge | photo via @sturgeysbigadventure

Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge

1153 Mechanicsville Rd., Geneva, OH 44041

The longest single-span covered bridge in Ashtabula County, this Howe truss-style bridge with an arch is 156 feet long. It was built in 1867 to cross the Grand River, and may be the oldest covered bridge in the county. The bridge was renovated in 2003.

Ohio Covered Bridge Tours & Trails

If you want an easy way to see the beautiful scenery of covered bridges in Ohio, take one of the state’s many scenic drives. For instance, the Union County Tour takes you on a scenic driving tour its seven covered bridges, four of which were built in the 19th century.

Fairfield County Parks has a Historical Bridges Road Trip that explores eight bridges, including a the WPA Pedestrian Bridge. At one point, the county has 279 covered bridges, which was more timber truss bridges of any other county.

On top of that, Ashtabula County has a tour map for visiting five of its historic covered bridges in Ohio. Or, you could drive the National Forest Covered Bridge Scenic Byway along the Little Muskingum River, which offers 35 miles of scenery.

Barrels and Bridges Tours

If you simply want to relax on your covered bridge tour, consider booking a package with Barrels and Bridges Tours. The company offers four options, and you could arrange tours of wineries and other points of interest too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Covered Bridges in Ohio

How many covered bridges are there in Ohio?

There are 135 covered bridges in Ohio.

Where are all the covered bridges in Ohio?

The bridges are located all over the state but are much more abundant in the eastern section.

Where’s the longest covered bridge in Ohio?

The longest covered bridge in Ohio and in the entire country is the Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge in Ashtabula County at 613 feet.

How long does it take to drive the Ashtabula covered bridge tour?

You can visit 10 covered bridges in a 67-mile loop through Ashtabula County, which takes about one hour. Of course, if you stop for all the photo ops it will take longer. Throw in lunch or dinner and allow 4 or 5 hours.

Hune Covered Bridge | photo via @ariannastewart

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