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24 Awesome County Fairs in Ohio That You Don’t Want to Miss

When the days begin to lengthen and the temperature rises, it’s county fair season! There are a grand total of 94 county fairs in Ohio (not including the Ohio State Fair). So, there are countless things to see and do.

From livestock competitions to pie-eating contests, rides, and games, here are the top Ohio county fairs that you should visit this year.

Ohio County Fairs in June 

Harrison County Fair | Cadiz, OH

The Harrison County Fair in Cadiz takes place in late June every year and features special activities for every age group, from kids to seniors. There’s entertainment galore, including music, auctions, and animal shows, as well as square dancing and horse and tractor pulls.

Kids can enjoy guided archery activities and rides. And, there’s even a junior animal show, allowing children to show off their animals — poultry, rabbits, goats, and lambs.

The Harrison County Fair is a true celebration of country life, offering the chance to taste, see, smell, hear, and touch all the best things about living in the Midwest.

North Canton Jaycee Fair | North Canton, OH 

The North Canton Jaycee Fair has been a tradition in the county for more than 70 years. Every year in mid-June, visitors of every age gather to enjoy family-friendly fun and activities both old and new.

There are games and rides galore for kids, as well as annually changing features so there’s always something fresh and exciting. Adults will enjoy stopping in the Jaycee Charitable Gambling Tent and casting bets on a game of blackjack or poker.

Throughout the week, there are shows, food, auctions, and much more. Profits from the fair fund other local events throughout the year, including the Special Olympics. 

County Fair
County Fair

Pickaway County Fair | Circleville, OH 

The Pickaway County Fair in Circleville has been taking place since 1944. This event occurs every year in June and is organized by the Pickaway Agricultural Society. It features livestock shows, live entertainment, food, games, rides, and all the classic fair activities you want to experience!

Also, it has some unique attractions, including tractor and truck pulls, a demolition derby, and an outhouse race. There are junior animal showings for kids to display their prized pets and livestock, auctions for homebaked goods, and a tour by local town “royalty.”

While the fair is heavily focused on agriculture and livestock, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Putnam County Fair | Ottawa, OH 

The Putnam County Fair in Ottawa is a late-June event that features activities and attractions of all kinds. A tradition in Ottawa since 1855, it’s one of the oldest county fairs in Ohio!

Some of the events occur annually, such as livestock shows, live music, and food and rides. Others vary from year to year. In 2021, one new event was the beer tasting, where fair attendees had the chance to sample 10 beers from local brewers!

Fair activities are available for all ages, from rides to games, viewing animals, and of course, enjoying food and music. You’ll find high-energy events too, like demolition shows that draw thousands of viewers every year!

Putnam County Fair, Ottawa - County Fairs
Putnam County Fair | photo via @ladabeth

July County Fairs in Ohio

Carroll County Fair | Carrollton, OH

The Carroll County Fair has been taking place since 1850! Every year in late July, people from all over the Buckey State enjoy fair activities, both new and old — animal shows, auctions, carnival food and rides, music, and more.

There are fun events throughout the week, such as demolition derbies, horse and tractor pulls, and mechanical rides. There are even horse races, tractor games, and an ATV rodeo event.

The accompanying junior fair features fun animal shows, such as a small dog dress-up competition, horse and cow costume shows, and junior horse presentations.

Carroll County Fair, Carollton - County Fairs
Carroll County Fair | photo via @baileyvphotography_

Crawford County Fair | Bucyrus, OH

The Crawford County Fair in Bucyrus has been taking place in one form or another since 1848, making it another one of the longest-running county fairs in Ohio! But the event has come a long way from covered wagons, livestock, and needlepoint on display.

These days, it features a state-of-the-art facility for showing livestock (including goats, pigs, and alpacas). The fair has attractions both modern and classic, from daily laser tag to tractor pulls and harness racing.

Visitors can wander the fairgrounds while enjoying live music and entertainment from the free grandstand and savoring classic fair food. There are also art competitions for pottery, ceramics, painting, and more, which are open for anyone to enter.

Marion County Fair | Marion, OH 

The Marion County Fair kicks off in early July and features five days full of events of all kinds. Whether you’re interested in farm supplies and agriculture, rides and family-friendly activities, or live entertainment, you’ll find it all in Marion.

Livestock are shown, as are flowers and produce from local farms. You’ll find arts and crafts competitions and more as well. The competitions are far from the only activities, though!

Throughout the week there are rides, pie-eating and watermelon-eating contests, tractor pulls, tug of war and other games, and auctions. The fair wraps up with a fireworks show.

Lucas County Fair | Maumee, OH

The Lucas County Fair in Maumee takes place in mid-July and features a huge range of attractions, events, treats, and rides. The fair kicks off with a town parade, including the locally elected town “royalty.”

There are a huge number of contests that are open for all entries in categories such as baked goods, field crops, homemade candy, needlepoint, crafts, flowers, photography, and antiques. You’ll even find people competing for the best homemade beer and wine.

But, the competitions aren’t the only attractions. You can enjoy live entertainment, food from local vendors, rides, and games too!

ohio county fairs
County Fair

Montgomery County Fair | Dayton, OH

The Montgomery County Fair in Dayton takes place in mid-July and features every kind of event and attraction imaginable, from dance classes to livestock showings.

Animal shows rule the first few days, with judging for turkeys, rabbits, goats, sheep, swine, and much more. Kids can compete in the Pee Wee Showmanship to have their animals judged.

The ongoing entertainment tent keeps things rolling with live music shows and auctions. Throughout the week, you’ll find events like the rodeo, KOI drag racing, and even fitness classes. The fair wraps up with a demolition derby and junior dance!

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Ohio State Fair | Columbus, OH

The Ohio State Fair, held annually in Columbus between late July and early August, is one of the biggest state fairs in the country. It draws visitors from all over the United States and takes place over 12 days.

There are a huge number of competitions at the fair, from livestock and agriculture contests to auctions and athletic performances, such as cheerleading and BMX biking.

There’s live entertainment as well, sometimes from huge names — New Kids on the Block, Toby Keith, and Weird Al Yankovic are among past performers. There are also amusement park rides and food of every type imaginable.

If you’re looking for more than the Ohio State Fair, check out all the things to do in Dublin Ohio, including the Dublin Irish Festival in early August.

Warren County Fair | Lebanon, OH 

The Warren County Fair in Lebanon is a late July event that caters to visitors of all ages. There are activities for kids and adults alike, including a kiddie tractor pull and kiddie drag racing.

There are livestock showings, horse racing, and an animal market too. Adults can enjoy a daily beer garden through the evening, while classic fair food is served throughout the day.

This event is uniquely geared toward families, so there are plenty of spaces for kids to have a great time, whether it’s enjoying live entertainment, going on rides, or participating in contests!

County Fair
County Fair

Ohio County Fairs in August 

Athens County Fair | Athens, OH 

The Athens County Fair runs through the second week of August and features all the classic fair activities in one major event! There are activities and performances for people of every age and interest, from musical performances to carnival rides, livestock showings, rodeos, races, and more.

The fair is organized by the Athens Agricultural Society, which means that many of the activities are related to farm life. But, there’s truly something for everyone here.

There are even fun and unusual crowd events, such as outhouse races, KOI drag racing, a tractor and horse pull, and a demolition derby. 

Erie County Fair | Sandusky, OH

The Erie County Fair takes place every August on the shores of Lake Erie. Sandusky is a popular tourist attraction all year, but things are at a high point in August during fair season!

The county fair is a huge event that combines everything from auctions to competitions, live entertainment, pageants, and performances.

The competitions range from animal shows to art submissions, like photography, painting, ceramics, and floriculture. Visitors can enjoy karaoke and live bands, tractor pulls, and other entertainment.

Rides and games include go-karts, a bounce house, a giant obstacle course, and much more. There’s even a special day designed all around kids!

Hamilton County Fair | Cincinnati, OH

Most county fairs in Ohio take place in the countryside, but you can also find great offerings in many major cities. In Cincinnati, people flock to the Hamilton County Fair every August for an authentic countryside experience even on the edge of the city!

The grandstand hosts performances of all kinds during the fair, from live music to kids’ shows and go-kart races. You can also find a petting zoo and carnival rides for people of all ages.

Special events occur throughout the week as well — sensory play for kids, dance classes, horse shows, and a demolition derby.

Medina County Fair | Medina, OH

Like many other county fairs in Ohio, the Medina County Fair began as a simple display of livestock and needlepoint during the early 1800s. These days, it has adapted many modern activities and features but still has all the classic fair traditions that Midwesterners know and love.

The fair now features more than 800 exhibits and welcomes an average of 110,000 visitors every year. Attendees get the chance to see live animal shows of horses, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, rabbits, poultry, and much more.

For those with other interests, there are live performances, auctions, competitions, games, and rides aplenty.

Medina County Fair, Medina - County Fairs
Medina County Fair | photo via @_likejess

Ross County Fair | Chillicothe, OH

The Ross County Fair in Chillicothe might not have centuries behind it, but it has been hosted for more than seven decades! This fair features some of the best vendors and creators from all over the Chillicothe region, so there are countless things to do and see.

Like most other county fairs in Ohio, you’ll find livestock being shown and judged here, as well as homemade goods and produce for sale. In addition, there are daily live music performances, a teen pageant, a flower show, an antique show, and much more.

Attendees can even participate in horseshoe contests, races, and other events for prizes.

September County Fairs in Ohio

Belmont County Fair | St. Clairsville, OH

The Belmont County Fair in St. Clairsville has been hosted since 1849. This event, which takes place the second week of September, is heavily focused on competitions of all kinds!

Here, you’ll find attendees competing for the best livestock, baked goods, art, photography, antiques, and much more. There are both junior and senior fairs, so kids have the chance to show off their talents as well!

In addition, the fair features a family circus act with performances throughout the week. Aside from regular fair events, you can experience tractor pulls, KOI drag racing, glass blowing demonstrations, and a junior square dance.

Belmont County Fair, St Clairsville - County Fairs
Belmont County Fair | photo via @letsnotandsaywedid__

Hancock County Fair | Findlay, OH

The Hancock County Fair in Findlay has all the classic fair games, rides, and events in one week of fun. There are rides for kids of all ages, including kiddie rides, and you can get an all-day ride pass for $1 on Labor Day!

In addition to rides, there are plenty of competitions, including open enrollment art, woodworking, crafts, beekeeping, and more. You’ll find horse and dog shows throughout the week, auctions of homemade baked goods, a live band performance, and even a donkey race.

The Hancock County Fair is the perfect place for good old-fashioned family fun.

Hocking County Fair | Logan, OH

The Hocking County Fair in Logan Ohio takes place every September just a short distance from Hocking Hills State Park. It’s the perfect place to celebrate countryside living right! The festivities vary from day to day, but all of them center around Midwestern agriculture and the autumn harvest.

Kids can participate in age-appropriate activities and entertainment in the town art hall every day, while adults enjoy livestock shows, garden tractor pulls, demolition derbies, mud bog games, and auctions.

On top of that, everyone is welcome to enjoy the local arts, homemade goods, and food from local vendors.

Mahoning County Canfield Fair | Canfield, OH

Located in Canfield in Northeast Ohio is Mahoning County Fairground. The Canfield Fair is the largest county fair in Ohio (and the 3rd largest county fair in the US), drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors to its 353 acres every year.

Every year in September, this quiet part of the state becomes the host of one of the largest and most famous county fairs in Ohio and the country. The fair is known for having unique food, which has become famous among locals, such as old-fashioned lemonade shakes.

But, there are plenty of other things to see and do, including the show animals, games, rides, and vendors. Plus, kids under 6 years old get free admission!

County Fair
County Fair

Washington County Fair | Marietta, OH 

The Washington County Fair in Marietta is a great combination of all interests and activities. The whole week kicks off with a fair parade that winds through historic downtown Marietta and includes a gun raffle and an arts and crafts show.

There are flower shows, contests for the best homemade pie, and farm animals of every type. If you enjoy farm-related outdoor activities, you’ll want to catch the truck and tractor pull and the horse pull.

Kids between the ages of 3 and 5 years old can compete to be crowned the prince and princess of the county fair. The winners get to ride in the opening day parade.

While you’re here, explore all other things to do in Marietta Ohio.

Ohio Fairs in October

Coshocton County Fair | Coshocton, OH

As the summer wanes and the leaves start to change, most county fairs in Ohio are events of the past. Not so in Coshocton! Its county fair kicks off in the first week of October and proudly claims to be one of the latest county fairs in the state.

The town embraces the theme of fall agriculture wholeheartedly, so you’ll find stunning displays of late summer and autumn produce, including pumpkins, apples, corn, and potatoes. There are plenty of farm animals to be seen as well, and activities abound both indoors and outdoors.

Make sure to check out the art displays from local vendors too!

Fairfield County Fair | Lancaster, OH

Fairfield County Fair in Lancaster proudly calls itself the “Last and Best of the Season.” It takes place in the second week of October, long after most other county fairs in Ohio have shut down for the year.

The event is oriented toward families, so there are tons of kid-friendly activities, rides, and other things to enjoy. There are several animal shows featuring horses, swine, cows, and alpacas.

Live entertainment is always going on at the central grandstand. Each day of the fair has a distinct theme with one-day events and attractions too, such as a kiddie tractor pull, concerts, auctions, and more.

County Fair
County Fair

Loudonville Free Street Fair | Loudonville, OH

The Loudonville Free Street Fair is one of the few Ohio county fairs that takes place in October. This fun weeklong event features all the classic family-friendly fair entertainment alongside music shows and special attractions throughout.

One popular event is the Power Pull, where attendees can enter their own tractors, trucks, or other vehicles in a competition to pull the most weight. Also, there are live musical performances happening daily, a beauty queen pageant and crowning, and activities for attendees of all ages!

This fun event is the perfect chance to get the ultimate county fair experience even after summer is over.

Frequently Asked Questions About County Fairs in Ohio

What is the largest Ohio county fair?

The Canfield Fair is the largest of the county fairs in Ohio and the third-largest county fair in the United States. It has been held yearly since 1846 and takes place on 353 acres of land with hundreds of events across six days.

What is the oldest county state fair in Ohio?

Ohio’s oldest county fair is the Great Geauga County Fair, which takes place every Labor Day in Burton Ohio. It has been held continuously since 1823, making it the oldest county fair in not only Ohio but also the United States.

More than 65 distinct events take place during the Great Geauga County Fair, which is seen as a farewell to summer fun. 

Visiting the Best Ohio County Fairs

People who enjoy going to county and state fairs will love touring Ohio during the summer and fall. There are countless fairs of every scale going on, from family-friendly traditional fun to unique, modern activities.

Fair season lasts well into autumn, so you have plenty of time to hit up the best county fairs in Ohio! Even after fair season, though, you have the opportunity to attend dozens of Ohio winter festivals.

Chronological List of 2022 Ohio County Fairs

Thanks to the Ohio Department of Agriculture for providing this lineup of Ohio County Fairs in 2022:

Paulding County Fair (Paulding) June 11-June 18
Pickaway County Fair (Circleville) June 18-June 25
Harrison County Fair (Cadiz) June 20-June 25
Putnam County Fair (Ottawa) June 20-June 25
Marion County Fair (Marion) July 4-July 9
Clinton County Fair (Wilmington) July 9-July 16
Lawrence County Fair (Proctorville) July 9-July 16
Madison County Fair (London) July 9-July 16
Adams County Fair (West Union) July 10-July 16
Logan County Fair (Bellefontaine) July 10-July 16
Montgomery County Fair (Dayton) July 10-July 16
Lucas County Fair (Maumee) July 11-July 17
Trumbull County Fair (Cortland) July 12-July 17
Jackson County Fair (Wellston) July 14-July 23
Crawford County Fair (Bucyrus) July 18-July 23
Fayette County Fair (Washington C.H.) July 18-July 23
Perry County Fair (New Lexington) July 18-July 23
Warren County Fair (Lebanon) July 18-July 23
Carroll County Fair (Carrollton) July 18-July 24
Franklin County Fair (Hilliard) July 18-July 24
Ottawa County Fair (Oak Harbor) July 18-July 24
Clark County Fair (Springfield) July 22-July 29
Butler County Fair (Hamilton) July 24-July 30
Clermont County Fair (Owensville) July 24-July 30
Knox County Fair (Mt. Vernon) July 24-July 30
Shelby County Fair (Sidney) July 24-July 30
Union County Fair (Marysville) July 24-July 30
Vinton County Fair (McArthur) July 25-July 30
Seneca County Fair (Tiffin) July 25-July 31
Lake County Fair (Painesville) July 26-July 31
Summit County Fair (Tallmadge) July 26-July 31
Ohio State Fair (Columbus) July 27-August 7
Pike County Fair (Piketon) July 29-August 6
Preble County Fair (Eaton) July 30-August 6
Auglaize County Fair (Wapakoneta) July 31-August 6
Greene County Fair (Xenia) July 31-August 6
Gallia County Fair (Gallipolis) August 1-August 6
Columbiana County Fair (Lisbon) August 1-August 7
Medina County Fair (Medina) August 1-August 7
Wood County Fair (Bowling Green) August 1-August 8
Champaign County Fair (Urbana) August 5-August 12
Athens County Fair (Athens) August 5-August 13
Ross County Fair (Chillicothe) August 6-August 13
Hartford Independent Fair (Licking Co.) August 7-August 13
Richland County Fair August 7-August 13
Holmes County Fair (Millersburg) August 8-August 13
Scioto County Fair ( Lucasville) August 8-August 13
Attica Independent Fair (Seneca Co.) August 9-August 13
Ashtabula County Fair (Jefferson) August 9-August 14
Cuyahoga County Fair (Berea) August 9-August 14
Erie County Fair (Sandusky) August 9-August 14
Hamilton County Fair (Carthage) August 11-August 14
Henry County Fair (Napoleon) August 11-August 18
Mercer County Fair (Celina) August 12-August 18
Miami County Fair (Troy) August 12-August 18
Muskingum County Fair (Zanesville) August 14-August 20
Jefferson County Fair (Smithfield) August 14-August 21
Meigs County Fair (Pomeroy) August 15-August 20
Huron County Fair (Norwalk) August 15-August 20
Allen County Fair (Lima) August 19-August 27
Darke County Fair (Greenville) August 19-August 27
Defiance County Fair (Hicksville) August 20-August 27
Lorain County Fair (Wellington) August 21-August 28
Sandusky County Fair (Fremont) August 22-August 28
Monroe County Fair (Woodsfield) August 22-August 27
Portage County Fair (Randolph) August 23-August 28
Noble County Fair (Caldwell) August 29-Sept. 3
Morrow County Fair (Mt. Gilead) August 29-Sept. 5
Stark County Fair (Canton) August 30-Sept. 5
Van Wert County Fair (Van Wert) August 30-Sept. 5
Hancock County Fair (Findlay) August 31-Sept. 5
Mahoning County Fair (Canfield) August 31-Sept. 5
Richwood Independent Fair (Union Co.) August 31-Sept. 5
Geauga County Fair (Burton) August 31-Sept. 5
Fulton County Fair (Wauseon) Sept. 2-Sept. 8
Washington County Fair (Marietta) Sept. 3-Sept. 6
Highland County Fair (Hillsboro) Sept. 4-Sept.10
Belmont County Fair (St. Clairsville) Sept. 5-Sept. 11
Morgan County Fair (McConnelsville) Sept. 6-Sept. 10
Hardin County Fair (Kenton) Sept. 6-Sept. 11
Albany Independent Fair (Athens Co.) Sept. 7-Sept. 11
Wayne County Fair (Wooster) Sept. 10-Sept. 15
Williams County Fair (Montpelier) Sept. 10-Sept. 15
Hocking County Fair (Logan) Sept. 12-Sept. 17
Wyandot County Fair (Upper Sandusky) Sept. 12-Sept. 17
Guernsey County Fair (Old Washington) Sept. 12-Sept. 18
Bellville Independent Fair (Richland Co.) Sept. 14-Sept. 17
Delaware County Fair (Delaware) Sept. 17-Sept. 24
Ashland County Fair (Ashland) Sept. 18-Sept. 24
Tuscarawas County Fair (Dover) Sept. 19-Sept. 25
Barlow Independent Fair (Washington Co.) Sept. 22-Sept. 25
Brown County Fair (Georgetown) Sept. 26-October 1
Coshocton County Fair (Coshocton) Sept. 30-October 6
Loudonville Independent Fair (Ashland Co.) October 4-October 8
Fairfield County Fair (Lancaster) October 9-October 15

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